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The visual merchandising designer

Examining Top Toy Industry Jobs

Across the US, top toy industry employers offer competitive salaries and amazing career opportunities. The industry has a multitude of talent working for manufacturers. The talented designers and management staff employed by manufacturers bring fun and exciting toys to children all over the world. Examining top job positions gives candidates access to exceptional jobs and assistance from a toy recruiter.

Visual Merchandising Designer

The visual merchandising designer must have experience in creating planogram proposals. The merchandisers determine how the products are displayed inside the retail stores. He or she sets up the displays in each of the retail chains in their region. The displays must be visually appealing to consumers and increase product turnover. The starting salary for the positions is $60,000.

Senior Design Engineer

Senior design engineers produce concepts for large-scale juvenile products. The designers need experience in CAD design software. The engineers must create the designs and present drawings and models at all stages of development. The senior-level workers also coordinate their efforts with factories that produce and assemble the products.

Plush Toy Designer

Plush toy designers draw sketches of new toy designs and concepts. The candidate must make patterns for the toys, too. Prototype creation is a vital part of the job description and the designs must be ready quickly. Select employers allow the plush toy designers to work from home. However, sales meetings and presentations occur in an office setting. The starting salary for the position is around $65,000 annually.

E-Commerce Sales Manager

An e-commerce sales manager handles all e-commerce sales and accounts. The candidate must have experience managing accounts with major retailers. The manager coordinates the setup of the websites and products that are sold on the developments. The applicant must understand how to maximize exposure of the e-commerce websites and increase sales volumes.

Across the US, top employers offer extraordinary opportunities for skilled candidates. The positions provide top salary and benefits packages for the right candidates. Select positions also offer travel and exciting opportunities for career growth. Positions may include engineer, designer, and management jobs. Candidates who want to learn more about toy jobs are encouraged to contact a recruiter for an appointment now.