Night-Elie Wiesel

A novel about the struggles of a Jew during WW2

“One more stab to the heart, one more reason to hate. One less reason to live.”- Wiesel (109)

This novel is narrated by Eliezer, a jewish teenager who lives through the holocaust. In the beginning of the book he is very curious about his religion and eager to learn more. His education is cut short when his teacher is deported. His teacher returns and tells them that the Gestapo forced them to dig mass graves for themselves and then killed them, although he was able to escape, the town just thinks he's a lunatic and ignores him. Soon all the jews are taken to the ghetto, where they form small Jewish communities. In a few days the German police take them into Cattle Cars bound for Auschwitz. They experienced inhuman treatment "Never shall I forget these things, even if I am condemned to live as long as God Himself. Never." Eliezer begins to lose his faith in God. After a while in the camp Eliezer has to undergo surgery for his foot, while he is in the infirmary the Nazis evacuate the camp because the Russians are attacking. The prisoners do a death march to Gleiwetz then board cattle cars again and only 12 jews arrive at Buchenwald, where Eliezer's father dies due to abuse, Eliezer survives with very little left in him until April 1945 when the American Army liberates him.

Would you survive?

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"A haunting tribute to the power and beauty of the human spirit."

Don't let these people's story go untold. Go and join the millions of people around the world already reading Night.

A coming of age story

Night is an irreplaceable coming of age story. In a mere 9 chapters we see Eliezer grow from an innocent young boy, who just wants to learn more about his religion, to a man who has seen and experienced things very few have lived through. Eliezer goes through unimaginable sorrows and obstacles to come out of the holocaust still alive, and loses his family in the process. Through the book we see him mature religiously, by questioning his belief and sticking to god until the end. During the camp he stays strong by not giving his gold tooth to the first person who asks for it, this shows that he is mature enough to think about the future and how it might help him, even though he loses it eventually anyways. Even though Eliezer says he believes that god is not a just God, he still prays to him, this shows that that is one way he stayed the same. Throughout the book, death is ever present for Eliezer, but it doesn't really become real to him until his father dies, and he has to witness that at such a young age

80 weeks on the New York times best seller list

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