"Safety First"

William Taft

Working conditions are needed for work to be commissioned!


Ghost Buster - Trust Buster

provide more efficient administration for existing reform policies was perfectly suited for the prosecution of antitrust violations. These lawsuits made Profit for Big Business decline.

Mann-Elkins Act of 1910 - Power to the Man

Suspend railroad rate hikes and to set rates. This reduced the profits that could be gained from high rates of commission.


1.Taft promoted an administrative innovation whereby the President, rather than the disparate agencies of government, would submit a budget to Congress. Even though it failed, it smoked out business profit and pushed for a future executive budget.

government officials

2.Promote the sale of American products overseas, particularly heavy industrial goods and military hardware. In Taft's conception of foreign policy, the U.S. military was a tool of economic diplomacy. He invited U.S. banks to rescue debt-ridden Honduras with loans and grants

Business Profit

Evil deeds:

1. Inspired Safety First about the Payne–Aldrich Tariff. This tariff raised the prices of consumer goods and led people to accuse Taft of breaking faith with the voters.

2. Argued that only children had the nimbleness to perform specialized jobs such as fixing gears and jams. Said that some families relied on children to support them self.

3. Supported Roosevelt and his Bull Moose Party. Created a split between republicans.

4. Opposed the 8 hour work day claiming it was limiting the maximum results of a factory and the salaries of its workers.

5. Supported the first BLS and wanted Taft to veto the new one in accordance with his small dislike with it.

"Dirty Work" (Robert Hunter)

Hunter sought to describe the conditions and problems that were in the working class. Explained how such problems would feed on themselves and continue to grow unless the public could adequately address the issue. Said 10million Americans or 13% were impoverished.