Wildcat Updates

Oct. 21st-Nov. 3rd

King Science & Technology Magnet

Welcome to our Wildcat Update. This newsletter will be posted on our KSTM district web page bi-weekly. Please check it out for all the up-to-date information and pictures of all the amazing activities happening at King Science!

MTSSB Quarter 1 Celebration was a success! Attendance was based on the following: No F's, no more than 2 referrals, and no suspensions!

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Science Fair Updates

Two weeks ago, we restructured the way that Science Fair work time happens for students in order to offer more support time! Students will not have Science Fair Wednesday classes anymore but instead will work on science fair projects in advisement class each day. This will provide 125 minutes weekly vs. 70 minutes weekly of supported work time.

We are still on track for project turn-in on December 11th! Our Science Fair Event will be on December 18th with a weather make-up date of December 19th!

In addition to advisement class, there are two other opportunities for support: Science Fair Saturday help and after school Science Fair Wednesday help! See those schedules below.

Updated Work Schedule

Sept. 23-Oct.4th-Questions worked on during Science classes

Oct.7th-11th- Hypothesis/Purpose/Abstract


Oct.21st-25th- List of Materials/Procedures/Variables

*Parent Contact Week

Oct. 28th-Nov.1st- Experiment/Experiment Log/Data Table/Graph

Nov. 4th-8th- Data Table/Graph *Parent Contact Week

Nov.11th-15th- Results and Conclusion/Reports

Nov.18th-22nd- Written Report/Boards/*Parent Contact Day

Nov. 25th&26th-(break 27th-29th) Written Report/Boards

Dec. 2nd-6th- Written Reports/Boards

Dec. 9th&10th- Finalize Boards

Dec 11th- Turn in Boards and Written Report

Dec. 13 Stage/1st 45 of each block-Teacher Turn-In

For questions related to Science Fair, please email Instructional Facilitator Amanda Leet @ amanda.leet@ops.org or call 531-299-8811.

Want to get involved?

Join the KSTM PTA to help support the students and staff of King Science and Technology Magnet. Next meeting is Tuesday, October 29th @ 6:00pm in the library! You can also contact President, Tricia Saxton for more information saxtonandj@msn.com

Upcoming Events

  • Oct. 21st-Winter Sports Start
  • Oct. 23rd-Science Fair Wednesday after-school help starts
  • Oct. 26th-Science Fair Saturday Help
  • Oct. 30th Dr. Logan will be filming her upcoming podcast at KSTM in our planetarium!
  • Oct. 30th-Science Fair Wednesday Help
  • Oct. 31st-5th block 8th grade sponsored pep rally in the pm. Orange/Black out school spirit day.
  • Nov. 1st-PTA Birthday Ice Cream Social with Dr. Rath
  • Nov. 6th-Science Fair Wednesday Help
  • Nov. 9th-Science Fair Saturday Help
  • Nov. 11th-PTA Hullabaloo 7/8 (3:15-5:15)
  • Nov. 13th Science Fair Wednesday Help & PTA Hullabaloo 5/6 (3:15-5:15)
  • Nov. 14th-7/8 Fall Concert 2-3pm
  • Nov. 16th-Science Fair Saturday Help
  • Nov. 20th-Quarter 2 Progress Reports
  • Nov. 21st-5th Grade Kindness Retreat
  • Nov. 21st-Harvest Night 5-7
  • Nov. 23rd-Science Fair Saturday Help
  • Nov. 27th-29th-NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

PTA Hullabaloo

Hullabaloo is an after-school party that PTA sponsors as a fundraiser to support the students and staff of King Science & Technology Magnet! Concessions are sold, a variety of games are available, there is a DJ and dance floor. Tickets will go on sale soon!
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Renassaince Celebration

RENAISSANCE is a national recognition program that is completely based off of school student success and academic achievement. This is just one small way for the staff to let students know how much we appreciate their hard work and continued excellence in their class work. Every student was invited to the first one but moving forward, the following will be requirements for attendance:

  1. Gold: For those who have a grade point average (GPA) of 3.80 or higher
  2. Silver: GPA of 3.5 to 3.79
  3. Bronze: GPA of 3.0 to 3.49
  4. Referral free: Students have not received any referrals
  5. Perfect Attendance: Students that have been at school every day

Health Career Academy hosted a Goalball tournament this past weekend!

Our students and staff Mrs. Utterback made the local news!