Yellowjacket Firsties

We LOVE our Firsties!

What's happening in our classrooms?

This Monday is our Veterans Day program! It begins at 8:30. The Veterans breakfast begins at 8:00.

Its that time of year again for our PTO hoodie, and Square 1 Art sales have begun. Items will be for sale starting Monday, Nov. 4th. The online store will be open for 2 weeks. The best way to order both items is online. Both make great Christmas gifts! Square one art is due by Wed., Nov. 14th.

PTO Store

If you do have any questions/concerns please email your child's homeroom teacher.

What are we learning?

I can statements:

Science:I can know that force, motion, and energy are related and a part of everyday life. 1.6a

SS: I can understand how historical figures, patriots, and good citizens helped shape the community, state, and nation. 1.2

Phonics: I can use knowledge of base words to decode contractions. 1.2B

Reading: I can self-select text and interact independently with text for increasing periods of time. 1.5a

Writing: I can dictate or compose literary texts, including personal narratives and poetry.

Math: I can skip count by 2's, 5's, and 10's to determine the total numbers of objects in a set. 1.5b

Look at this great video!

We love using videos to enhance our learning. This week we extended our Units of Study Word Detectives Unit by discussing "usual words." Some of these words include contractions. This video helped with understanding decoding contractions with our little firsties.
Contractions 1 | English Song for Kids | Reading & Writing Skills | Grammar | Jack Hartmann
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First Grade Field Trip

Our field trip is planned for Tuesday, Dec. 3rd. Please plan to be cold. Dress warm (scarf, hat, mittens) are a must. The Gaylord will give your child a coat but the extra layers will help. It is COLD!

Plan a sack lunch. We will eat lunch when we arrive at the Gaylord. If you are attending with your child you will need to provide your own transportation. In addition, you will need to plan for a parking fee. Parking is approximately $15 per car in the convention center parking lot. The convention center parking lot is the best option to access the exhibit quickly. That is where we will unload/load the bus.

Students of the Week!

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Happy Birthday to our November Birthdays!

Ivry - 1

Isabella -3

Ellie - 14

McKenzie - 21

Ava -30

Blaine W. - 30

We love our firsties!

Please email us any questions or concerns!

Ms. White -

Ms. Hearin -

Ms. Bremer -

Ms. Spurgeon -

Ms. Trotter -

Remember to practice...

Please continue to have your child practice their reading nightly. They have lots of reading options to choose from in their daily binder. These include; sight words, poems, weekly reader(s), and their library book. Our next round of BAS testing begins this December. We are excited to see their growth! Thank you for your support at home.

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