The Boxcar Children:Gertrude Warner

Eric Thurman Class Period 1-2

The Boxcar Children: The Amusment Park Mystery


To the children's delight, Joe and Alice live near a wonderful amusement park. The park holds everything the Boxcar Children could ask for-- a beautiful merry-go-round, lots of rides and games, all the cotton candy they can eat......and a mystery!

The Review: How Good Was The Book?

The book was very interesting and it peaked my curiosity. It makes you really think because their is a lot of mean and unhappy people in the book and you can't guess you is the suspect. But at the same time it is a very neat and a great book to read. I highly recommend this book for a mystery. It is a quick, but fun, read. I hope you check this out!

Out of five, I would give this book a 3 and a half stars.

The Boxcar Children: Theme

The message in the book is to never give up trying to reach your goal. The mystery in this book was very hard to find out because there were so many mean people in this book.


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The Boxcar Children: Setting

The setting in the book is the amusement park in present day.

The Boxcar Children: Symbolism

The repainted horse in the novel is symbolism for new beginnings, life, resolutions. Because the horse on the merry go round was repainted and finished. So the symbol in this book is the repainted horse.