The Paxton Boys

Margaret Dodson, Mason Crews, and Lyons Shaffer


The Paxton Boys were a vigilante group made up of Scots-Irishmen. The Conestoga tribe, lead by Susquehannock were living on land dontaed to them by William Penn. These Indiands had been living on the land for a while.

What Happened

The Conestoga Indians were settled in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. On December 27, 1763, 57 drunken rangers attacked 20 of the innocent and defenseless Indians. These rangers were known as the Paxton Boys, being from Paxton, Pennsylvania. It’s almost unclear about why these Indians were attacked, but as far as we know, the residents of Pennsylvania were upset about the colony’s failing legislature. When the Indians settled in Lancaster, it made the residents even more upset. This triggered the events of the Paxton Boys massacre. The rangers basically invaded on the Indian’s settlement land and attacked the unaware Indians. This event killed many and was a tragic massacre, with some of it still not known.