Mrs. Parker's Weekly Newsletter

For the Week of Jan. 12th, 2015

What Are We Learning This Week?

  • Reading~ We will describe the plot, main characters, and make inferences in non-fiction and fiction text.

  • Writing~ We will review and continue writing letters using correct capitalization, punctuation, and grammar.

  • Spelling~ We will continue to read and write new words.

  • Social Studies~ We will continue to learn about historical figures that made major contributions to history.

  • Math~ We will identify, classify, sort, create, and compose two-dimensional shapes.

  • Science~ We will continue to study the pattern of seasons.

This Week's Spelling Words

The spelling word from last week will be repeated again this week since it was a short week.

  1. went
  2. end
  3. then
  4. want
  5. next
  6. last
  7. first
  8. where
  9. when
  10. what
  11. after
  12. before

This Week's Homework


· Math worksheet


· Math worksheet

· Write spelling words 3 times

· Read book


· Math worksheet

· Use words in a sentence

· Read book and list character traits


· Math worksheet

· Practice spelling test

· Read and write summary (beginning, middle, and end) of the story

A Little Inspiration!

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