poverty and riches


In the great Gatsby wealth and poverty were one of the main themes in the story. It determined your role in life or the direction you were headed . Throughout the main theme in this story it show moral lessons to life such as money cannot buy you happiness nor love . Fitzgerald demonstrated the selfish , careless of each character with wealth and it different them none from the other characters .




Mr. Beloved Gatsby was well known for Jay Gatsby his allergy murdered at his home in West
Egg last Thursday evening a Homicide occurred September 22 1922. Gatsby was born to farmer known as Henry Gatsby in North Dakota; Gatsby was a phenomenal man who served in the U.S army. Afterward he moved on to work with a mentor Dan Cody for five years; Mr. Gatsby learned all of Cody’s intelligence. Gatsby served his country in the Great War, he was an ideal citizen, he worked hard his whole life to make money and further capitalism, bought a nice house and a fancy car, and tried his best to marry the woman he loved and have a family In Gatsby’s later years he moved to New York and became very rich. James kept very people around him but yet sometimes lived to impress others with these great parties in which he entertained the whole city. Gatsby held on to big heart. Gatsby was such a determined man; he worked hard for whatsoever he needed. If in fact Gatsby wanted to repeat or continue his past it would fail. Farewell to Gatsby’s dream of being with Daisy, his one and only true love. Since the moment Jay Gatsby met Daisy he fell in love with her unconditionally. They spent wonderful summer nights together However, that’s where his life fell short he was willing to anything to get what he wanted in intently that wasn’t gods route for him Mr. Gats fought for the American dream ,

Gatsby was a beloved, friend and his only flaw was loving too much and which we all should learn from him that you can’t repeat the past.

Rip lovely Gatz


Gatsby was killed by George Wilson due to anger of his wife’s death. However Gatsby death had a meaning had Gatsby represented the American dream
him dying represented how no matter what you do or how far you get in life, the American dream is just an idea and can never be achieved

Dear Daisy ,

I am rather ashamed to say Ive became an victim of a guy . Ive bring among great disappointment and disgrace to my presences in a horror way. I want you to give our love another thought because every-things going to be Jake I promise you on the weights of my heart . I am no Longer a man of my egg . Ive tantalized all of my swell , but i swore i wouldn't lose you . My life has brung along hardship . My wealth wouldn't support your beautiful appearance . My Daisy i am still a sport of my word and my infinite love still holds so don't lose hope , don't let your love fade away for there would be another day we will reunite and remember the day .


This love letter was from Gatsby toward daisy when they were in the mist of there love , Gatsby is so caught up with the illusion of Daisy's love that he doesn’t really think about how his life will be, if he were to win Daisy’s love back. Truly, he would never have all of her because daisy wants the wealthy life. The life were attention follows her way.

Recipe for Tom Buchanan

1 spoon of nobody

2 arrogant eyes

3 poles for polo

i head of long black straw haired men

3 pairs of riding clothes

1 big bag of enourmous muslces

i controlling men

1 bottle of silk lace gel

There are many ways you can make a tom Buchanan first you would start with a sturdy, arrogant straw-haired man. Make sure he’s at the age of thirty and make sure he has this appearance two shining, arrogant eyes which would have established dominance over his face, and give him the appearance of always leaning aggressively forward next you would need a great pack of muscle shifting when his shoulder moved under his thin coat. It was a body capable of enormous leverage . Last but not least make sure you you tom has lots of wealth an extravagent of money on which he inherited from his family

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Most good stories start with a recipe list of ingredients: such as the first issue and conflict, the obstacle, the climax, suspense, c and conclusion. So with this recipe I shook up the recipe and add some spice toward tom Buchanan’s personality. It wasn’t that difficult because Fitzgerald wanted Tom to play as an Protagonist character

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Gatsby had a name no other had. Gatsby’s only crime was giving his everything to love someone who wanted something different. In a sense it drove him crazy. Gatsby wants something he can't have: Daisy, and a shot at making her the love of his live. Gatsby was willing to do anything for her and even blame himself for a crime not even committed by him. While daisy and Gatsby were driving daisy out of anger and strive ran over tom’s mistress. However , this caused conflict in the story

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your invited nick !!!!

Dear Nick caraway

You are kindly invited to my grand celebration of life , it is no one’s birthday The party will take place right across the street I at my mansion on Saturday the 2nd of July. The dress code is formal and I would be profound to say you to pay absolutely nothing to attend my party , this isn’t the party of wealth of riches , even though we will have many wealthy celebrities and millionaires there you are the one I invited . On Proceedings that it will start with a display of fireworks at 8 pm and the program of events will be delivered to you upon arrival. Also make sure you attend hungry because an four course dinner meal will be served in the west hall at 9.00, where by one of my butlers will come to your attendance. Make sure you attend your arrival is very important to me old sport and you are personally invited from me. No needs for RSVP, we are looking forward for your attendance

- Jay Gatsby


There was an importance to the way Gatsby had invited Nick to his Grand party. The idea was that it was planned carefully. Gatsby's plan from the beginning was to meet Nick in order to ask him to invite Daisy over to his house. This was the reason Gatsby invites Nick to the party is to form an relationship with him to get to Daisy. The way Gatsby starts to build this trust and friendship is by sharing things about his past, that way Nick feels like he knows Gatsby. This is why when they first meet; the first thing Gatsby tells him is that he was in the military, just like Nick. Nick new about the partys at Gatsby but felt as if he was rich are wealthy enough to attend to them

Orginal poem

There was a place where money was new where money wasn’t a matter when we walked so easy

And the love of money trembled

The flowers were so appealing

And our world was a blissful song

There was a place where money was dead

And all went wrong our lives fell down hill

there were ransoms to be paid

there were tears to de dryed

But, yet they were so strong, no song voices were the scream of working men

There was a time I dreamt to live out the hell valley of ashes

To hear my voices the silent, unheard

But such dreams could not prosper through the strive of thunder

There was a heart, that lost all love and hope to the young and gone and such fear left me

is my Home still worth living

There was a man who made my American dream possible

The man who made me happy with prosperous things

There was a time I wish I could rule the entire world

Now I want the reality of wealth

There was a time I slept on my side and dream hell come to me

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Myrtle Wilson is a dominate character in the book. I created this poem because it related to her personality. Myrtle always wants companionship. Her insecurity is obvious through the decisions that she makes. Also her husband Wilson isn't very useful for anything so she turns to Tom for attention. She liked the idea of someone with wealth and control. Although Tom is married, he is wealthy and enjoys the company of other women. Myrtle uses this to her advantage and keeps Tom under her control. This is the difference between riches and poverty .

travel brochure

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People in East Egg come from families that always had money. They're more snobby, greedy, and mean than people from West Egg, as those from East Egg are generally less-sophisticated, and a more innocent type of people, as they haven't been consumed by material possessions, money, and greed their whole lives. The Buchanans, for example, are a family of East Egg, which Tom Buchanan was born of a wealthy family, and the greedy Daisy, who married into this money.

1920"s ad


I choose these four ads because they dealt with the the importance of wealth and poverty this section, I will usually associate wealth and poverty with the 3 pictures up top . Gatsby grew up dirt poor , but formed an type of determination to escape from poverty . Daisy grew up always wealthy and wanted to continue an live style of wealth and security. The third pictures describes how wealth and poverty collides in the book when Tom Buchanan stops in the valley of ashes for gas with an yellow coupe ( a car of wealth ). This setting represents hoe both places meet .

found poem

money is bleeding to be someone your not its the urge to look so cool."
money is the escape from the valley of ashes 'You can't live forever; you can't live
its the source to all chaos in live "Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the
money is the heart of an rotten crowd’

Upon the keys.

Of a Dark Piano.
money is the social need for love and "the champagne to the stars"
money is an call to the past in which you cant repeat the source

Through this twilight universe, money has become the idol of our lives
it has become
it has become a matter of infinite hope.”
the with in and with out of love
money determines the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired


I created a poem on the destruction of money and how it controls our daily lives. Many of us make money the soul purpose of our daily lives . This all relates back to Gatsby and how he became wealthy just to wins daisy love and at the end , Gatsby died over the simple fact of materialistic love . Money is a sense of security , happiness to all that why we all rely on its ability .