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Athulya: Breaking the stigmas of Old Age homes and revolutionising the senior care sector

Most people typically associate "old age homes" with a depressing image of a crowded, foreboding location that makes them feel worn out. When seniors hear the phrase, they typically associate it with feelings of isolation, abandonment, family estrangement, lack of care, and safety concerns.

In order to improve the life of the elderly, Athulya works to eradicate all outdated prejudices and redefine the concept of "old age homes." True to its name, Athulya offers seniors a high standard of living that is appropriate for and catered to their needs.

Making daily life for the elderly a pleasure

For many older individuals, even the smallest amount of movement can be stressful because several aspects of life become more difficult as we age. The majority of the time, people decide that an old age home is their only choice. It is untrue. When they can obtain the care they want at an assisted living facility, seniors don't have to settle for less. Athulya provides assisted living options for senior citizens who can live independently but also require help. The facilities and services that can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of seniors are ideal. Athulya has become the major provider of assisted living facilities in the market by providing a wide range of services to its residents.

Difference between an Assisted Living & Paid old age homes

Old age homes provide only the minimal necessities. It is just a living environment for the elderly to spend their old age and perform their everyday activities. Athulya Assisted Living Facilities, unlike other paid old age homes in Chennai, give full care and support. This assistance ensures that the intended care for senior adults is delivered with perfection.

For senior individuals who require extra assistance due to health or mobility issues, assisted living facilities offer services such as medication administration and aid with personal care duties such as toileting, grooming, and clothing. Common services provided include, nutritious healthy vegetarian food, housekeeping, laundry, and transportation. Furthermore, assisted living places a high value on activities that provide mental, physical, and social stimulation.

What is the Right time to join an Assisted Living?

When an elderly person finds it difficult to care for himself or wishes to live in a retirement home where others care for them, joining an assisted living community may be the best option.

Several factors indicate that older persons should migrate to an assisted living facility, including:

1. Increased number of falls,

2. Deterioration of medical condition

3. Difficulty in managing their daily routine

4. Loneliness

5. Mobility difficulties

6. Security and other reasons

What does Athulya offer extra ?

Athulya works hard to keep the elders' atmosphere as homelike as possible.

Athulya is distinguished by the following characteristics:

l Advanced medical monitoring technologies

l Team of recreational activities and engagements

l A very experienced medical team for the elderly

l Fully Furnished

l In-house Physiotherapist and Rehabilitation

l Extremely tailored diet and food

Regardless of the care needs of elders, Athulya is a safe sanctuary where they can stay for as long as they like. If elders are thinking about moving into an old age home or senior retirement home, Athulya Assisted Living is the best alternative.