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The week of April 11. 2016

Welcome Back!

The Unbelievable Coin Drive

Our K-Kids club's mission this year is to raise money for the Kid Against Hunger Campaign. Their mission states that the Kids Against Hunger goal is to significantly reduce the number of hungry children in the USA and to feed starving children throughout the world. They ship meals to starving children and their families in over 60 countries through partnerships with humanitarian organizations worldwide. You can check out their website at

For the past 5-6 years, we have been a packaging site for the bagged meals. This year on June 2, 2016, our students will help to package at least one pallet of food that will be shared with hungry children. You may remember this event, we don our hairnets and gloves, and then we are assigned to a station. You might be the person who adds the spice, or the rice, or the protein powder. Each bag is weighed and measured and then sent to the bag sealer. Every six to eight minutes we change positions and have an experience with all aspects of the process.

So the students of Klager Elementary were challenged with a yearly coin drive. This year there was a twist to the coin drive. Each class had a bucket and the class with the greatest number of "Points" would will a Big Joe chair (a bean bag chair). You can earn points by adding pennies or dollar bills, they are positive. So if I donate 2 pennies and a dollar I have added 102 points to my class bucket. Now, silver coins are negative points, so if you added a quarter to my class bucket that had 102 points I would now have only 78 points. Well, the students of Klager quickly learned how to make a lot of money and work the system to keep themselves (their class) in the running for the bean bag.

What we noticed the third day of the coin drive that it was no longer about who would win the bean bag, it was all about the points and the strategies to make sure their class was in lead, and how to take down Mrs. Scheil, Mrs. O'Mara, Mr. Niehaus, and Mrs. Hanewald who all seemed to be in the lead. Each day we collected a respectable amount of money, the first day about $25, the second day about $150, the third day $275, and the fourth day, one day total was $420. We felt this was amazing and at this point we were only $200 from our $1,000 goal. Well, by Friday there was a frenzy of excitement and the children, parents and staff did not disappoint. We had $1620 in donations in our one-day collection. We had twenties, one hundred dollar checks, and $240 in an envelope in one bucket. The worst part of the entire day was the count for the day was not available until the weekend, but the children left for Spring Break knowing the buckets overflowed and we could feed many children.

I am thankful for Facebook and school email so we might share the totals with the staff and families. I will attach the daily points and cash totals so you can have fun with how this all played out for each class.

Thank you from Jump Rope for Heart

April 1, 2016

Dear Bryan Barnard:

On behalf of the American Heart Association and the millions of Americans we serve, thank you very much for your school's donation of *$10,278.13. Families and schools are critical links in providing the foundation for cardiovascular wellness in our country. By holding this event at your school each year, you raise awareness about heart-healthy living. And you help us fund more lifesaving scientific research and critically needed education efforts. Thank you.

Almost every family in America is touched by heart disease or stroke, and your school's contribution will significantly impact our fight against these devastating illnesses.

We hope that you, your faculty and your students found this lifesaving effort rewarding and enjoyable. You are touching so many lives — and life is why we exist as an organization. Your help and support are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to partnering again with you next year.

Warm Regards,

The American Heart Association

Science Fair Registration

Klager Elementary Science Fair

When? Math and Science Night - Friday, April 22, 2016, Earth Day! From 6 to 7:30pm (Set up begins at 5:30pm.)

Where? Klager Cafeteria

Who? All Klager students, K - 4th grade are invited to participate. Adults are encouraged to help obtain supplies, facilitate research on-line and at the library, oversee safety, and read materials to younger students.

What? A science fair project can be many things. It can be an informative display on a science topic. It can include a collection or a model. It can include hands-on or interactive components. It can either be research based or a report on the results of an experiment that you design and carry out. It can be a static display or you can do a demonstration as part of your project. Ask an adult for help with anything that may be dangerous or that you don’t understand.

How? Start working on your science fair project now! Fill out and return the registration form. There is no registration fee. It is FREE to participate. This will NOT be a judged science fair. It WILL be a wonderful opportunity to share something exciting that you have discovered or learned with your fellow classmates, teachers, and the Manchester community. All participants will receive a ribbon. Science Fair participants will have the opportunity to showcase their science fair projects in May at the library in a joint exhibition with Passion Projects. Questions? email

Google link for complete form:

MSTEP letter to third and fourth grade families

The state superintendent, Brian Winston has sent a message to families regarding MSTEP, the former MEAP testing.

The Klager MSTEP window will be May 3-5th for third grade and May 17-19th for fourth grade students.

Food sharing

Our school policy does not allow our students to share food. There are several reasons, such as allergens, calorie count, or sanitation of preparation. This is an issue for parents as well as students.

This is a great reminder for our student leaders: (From our handbook)

Every student has the right to eat lunch in a peaceful and orderly atmosphere. Children should remember to use proper manners in the cafeteria. Sharing or trading food is not allowed.

We appreciate your support with this issue.

Math and Science Night

Save the Date-April 22nd

Extra Clothes

Are you cleaning out your closets for the spring season? We would greatly appreciate any clothing donations for our extra supply here at Klager. We need all sizes. Thank you!