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Friday E-News-September 30, 2022


9/30/22- Blue Ribbon Celebration at 5:00-7:00pm

10/6/22- Parent Teacher Conferences (No School)

10/7/22- Parent Teacher Conferences (No School)

10/10/22- Columbus Day Holiday (No School/Offices Closedl)

10/11/22- School Board Meeting at 6pm (Haines)

10/7/22- Learning And Teaching Committee Meeting at 5:30pm (Haines)


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From the Principal Tony White....

This past Wednesday, our CommUNITY Day lesson focused on the impact we all have on others. Each of us has the incredible power to build each other up or tear each other down - to make someone's day or break it. Empathy is not a skill that is fully developed in young people until they are about 21; however, this all-important skill will only develop through our intentional modeling and interactions with the young people we care about. There's an old saying that empathy is "caught not taught." This means that our Eagles will develop empathy through the context of our caring relationships, storytelling, reading, conversations, play, and a whole lot of patience.

All of this means to say that our Eagles will become about as empathetic as we are. How do we respond to a driver who cuts us off? A drive thru employee who gets our order wrong? Our kids when they make a mistake? These moments are opportunities for us to model empathy, and as we practice empathy and our Eagles learn this skill, they begin to see a clear path to healthy relationships. It's also better for us to live this way too.

This also requires us to be present with our Eagles. I feel more than a tad hypocritical saying this because I have as hard a time as any shutting my work brain off and just being fully present with my family. However, I'm working on it, and am better off for it because I am really trying to engage my brain to be mindful and enjoy every moment with my wife and kids - the time passes so quickly, and there are also so many teachable moments.

If you're looking for a great place to be present with your Norton Creek Eagles and community, come on out to our Blue Ribbon Celebration tonight! We have a lot to celebrate, and are looking to throw the biggest party of the year. We accomplished this honor together, so let's celebrate together! I hope to see you all here at 5:00 tonight. Dr. Gordon, D303 superintendent, and I will say a few words at 5:30. Outside of that, this is a big open house style party where you can come and go as you please between 5:00 and 7:00. We'll have food trucks out back along with the awesome Karen Morici and John Farrell as our DJ and live music combo. Inside, we'll have a few words from Dr. Gordon and I at 5:30 along with glitter tattoos, balloon twisting, and more. It promises to be a great time!

Sign up for parent teacher conferences

Parent teacher conferences will be held on October 6th and 7th.The Pick-a-Time window for parents to sign-up for Fall Conferences is September 23rd-October 3rd.Please click on the link below for instructions on how to sign up.

Pick-a-Time Parent Directions

Friendly Reminders From The School Office

As the start of fall officially started this week and students have been getting used to the routines of school, its a good time to give a few reminders to help the school day run smooth.

Is your child going to be absent?

If your child will not be coming to school, please leave a message on the attendance line early in the morning or email the office at To call in your child, simply call the main office and leave a message on the attendance line. The number is 331-228-2700.

Please include the reason for absence - sick, an appointment, vacation, etc. ( Please note that if your child is sick, they should be fever free and have no vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to school). Of course, you can always email the teacher as well, but you need to formally notify the school of any student absence.

Is your child leaving school early?

Also, if you will be picking up your child early or taking your child out for an appointment, please let our front office know as early in the day as possible by calling the main number at 331-228-2700 or email at This can be very helpful should a pick-up time be when the child is in specials or at lunch. Kids can be indoors as well as outdoors depending on their schedule and it can take a few extra minutes to locate and get the child down to the office for an early pickup if they are not in their classroom.

Will your child have a change in transportation?

If so, please let us know as early as possible in the day if there is a change in transportation for that day. Dismissal time can be very hectic and to help ensure a smooth dismissal, getting any transportation changes for students early is very helpful. Simply call the school office or email at and let them know.

Will your child arrive late to school?

If your child is arriving after 8:00am please walk them into the school and sign them in.

Note: Save our school number in your contacts. Anderson School Main Number: (331) 228-2700.

Prearranged Absence

Students must apply for the privilege of using prearranged absence days through the principal’s office.

This completed form must be turned in at least (2) school days prior to the requested absence to the main office.

The building principal or designee has the authority to grant up to (5) days of excused absence per year

for the following types of absences:

 Participation in regional and/or national contests or awards

 Family vacation—qualified by the phrase “accompanied by parent”

 Special religious events

Changes to the District Website

Please be aware that the District 303 website will undergo construction during the week of October 3 to reflect recent changes to names and titles within the Department of Learning & Teaching. These changes have been made to better align with the work and responsibilities of the department. The most notable changes are:
  • The Department of Instructional Interventions will now be the Department of Student Services
  • Staff, Family, and Student Services will now be Student Programs
Page names and links will update to reflect these new titles, and other changes may occur. Thank you for your understanding.
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Picture Retake Day

Picture retake day is on October 3.2022. If your child need retakes done please plan for them to participate in retakes that day. Please send your child's pictures back to school with them to turn in at retakes that day in order to have the retake done.

LRC Monthly Community Newsletter

LRCs across the district have worked together to bring you a monthly newsletter! The LRC Monthly Community Newsletter is designed to share information on literacy-based special events and programs in our area as well as promote a joy for reading and technology in the homes of D303 families. Check it out!.

North Star Fans

It’s been a great Homecoming week so far and we’re looking forward to our football game this Friday at home vs. Lake Park! The sophomore game starts at 4:30pm followed by the varsity at 7:00pm. We’ll hold a special celebration of our 2022 State Champion Softball team prior to the start of the varsity game along with other fun homecoming festivities!

In order to maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all of our spectators in attendance please take a moment to review some important reminders regarding the game:

-Gates will open at 3:45 pm.

-Tailgating is not permitted.

-No backpacks, or outside food or beverages are allowed.

-All students under high school age must be supervised by a parent or guardian.

-No re-entry into the stadium is allowed.

-Use of profanity, taunting, including racial remarks of any kind, throwing objects, and possessing objects that block the view of other spectators are PROHIBITED.

-The Blue Fan Group student section is located in the bleachers on the south end. Parents and other spectators should plan to sit in the middle of the stadium. Our SCN Pep Band will play on the north end of the home bleachers.

Tickets will be sold at the gate. Prices are as follows:

-Adults - $5.00
-D303 Students with an ID - FREE

-Students without an ID - $2.00
-Children 6-10yrs old - $2.00

-Children 5 and under - FREE

-Seniors - $2.00

Please contact our athletic office at 331-228-6258 with any questions related to this event.

Come out and support our North Stars this Friday Night!

Kick-A-Thon 2022

Norton Creek will be supporting the annual Kick-A-thon that be held at St. Charles North this year on October 7th. It will be the St. Charles East vs St. Charles North game at St. Charles North. Proceeds from donations this year will benefit Colette A. Miles Foundation, Justin Hardy Foundation-#HARDYSTRONG, and Fox Valley Food For Health.

Mr. White will be kicking for these charities. Students can bring in donations to support the Kick-A-Thon. The main office will have the donation jar and a banner in the community room for students to sign during lunch.


Kindergarten thru 5th Grades-


Students can be dropped off at 7:45am for the school day. It you arrive before that time please keep your child with you until 7:45 as there is no supervision outside until then.

Our school office is open from 7:30am until 4:00pm on school days.

Dismissal/Bus Changes

If there is a occasional change to your child dismissal please email and your child's teacher or call the office directly at 331-228-2701. If it is after 12pm please call the office directly so that we can ensure your child gets the notification of changes.

Organic Life

Please remember to add money to your child(s) Pushcoin account in order to be able to purchase a lunch or a breakfast. Breakfast and lunch will not be free this year and will incur a fee daily. Norton Creek will be open at 7:45am on school days for breakfast. Please call the office with any questions.



2nd Grade:11:00-11:20

5th Grade: 11:20-11:40

Kindergarten: 11:40-12:00

RISE Students: 11:40-12:00

1st Grade: 12:00-12:20

3rd Grade: 12:20-12:40

4th Grade: 12:40-1:00

If your student forgets their lunch please email the classroom teacher and drop off at the main office. Please label with the students full name.




Thank you to everyone who attended Loop the Lake last Friday- our kids had fun and got in some healthy movement! Extra big thanks to our record breaking Loop the Lake team: Megan Kuzcora, Jessica Klepacki, Alyson Zimmerman and Katie Nanak.

If you haven’t already, please claim your free t-shirt on our website!

Today (Sept 30) is the last day to order a yearbook at 10% off! October will be 5% off. Order at

Save the Dates:

Blue Ribbon Celebration 9/30/22 5p-7p

Fall Book Fair Oct 3-7 Volunteer Here!

PTO meeting 10/4/22 5:30p in LRC

Golf Outing 10/16/22 Pottawatomie Golf Course Sign up Here!

Eagles Eat Out @ Portillos 10/19/2022 5p-8p

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