The Blue God

About Neptune

Discovered by Urbain Le Verrier, Neptune is the Fourth biggest planet in the solar system. The name Neptune came from the roman god Neptune and its astronomical symbol (♆) is also from the roman god Neptune.
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Great Landmarks To Go To

The Great Black Spot

The Great Black Spot is One of the most famous landmarks in Neptune rated by visitors.

The Great Black Spot has a bunch of ways to travel through, One of the best and top rated ways is to go with our Tourist Jet Planes, ultra protected and a perfect way to view

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Neptune's Hotel

Located at the great waters of Neptune, There is the best five-star hotel in Neptune!. This hotel includes: An Underwater Room that you can view our amazing underwater creatures, A mall, A Theme park, and much more! I bet you are gonna have so much fun staying here

Starting at $7,000.99


Atlantis Package

This Includes 7 nights at Neptune's Hotel, A trip to the Black Spot exhibit, and 3 Things of your choice

Starting at $100,000

Neptune's Favorites Package

This Includes 5 nights at Neptune's Hotel, A $10,000 Gift card to Neptune's Mall And a Family pack for Neptune's World (4 Tickets)

Starting at $30,000