Troop 699 Updates

Catchin' You Up!


This news letter goes over what we did this week and lookin ahead!


If you missed this weeks meeting here's what you need to do to catch up!

1) Activity: We worked on "Using Resources Wisely" Petal. Thus you need to make a pinecone birdfeeder. Materials can be picked up from me and you need to take a photo of your daisy doing the activity with the completed pinecone for petal awards.

2) If you did not sign up for Day at the K, and want to attend you have to RSVP by the date on the email but we will not be sitting together. Orders are going in 4-5-2016.

3) Twilight Camp: Re-read previous smore for details. If you plan to attend I need to know by next Monday 4-11-2016, we will need to meet and collect money and sign the slip

4) I will be calling SkyZone by wednseday to find out pricing/dates for everyone and give options.

Lookin Ahead

Next week, I need parent volunteers to help with activities, so if you hang around I will assign 3-4 daisies to your table.

Its getting nice outside so at the end we will be outside! We will be doing nature yoga, the girls will give an object in nature and we will pose as such!

To work on "making the world a better place" we will start with recycling game/relay. We will then water our plant and work on our journey. If you cannot make it you will have to make up the following week, I will post just like I have this week