BYOD Smart Phones in the Schools

ShaWanda Williams

Using Smart Phones in the Classroom


  1. BYOD is necessary for today's 21st century classroom.
  2. BYOD can create engaging classrooms.
  3. Students like BYOD and most owns the technology needed for BYOD.
  4. BYOD can be a cost saving tool for schools who do not have the funds for technology upgrades.
  5. BYOD can be helpful in bridging the gap between students, teachers, and parents.

The webinar was a good guide to setting up BYOD in your classroom. The 5 C's of BYOD was one thing that stood out to me. They were collaboration, communication, creation, curation, and creation. He use these to give useful tips for engaging the students, organizing the apps, and using the technology efficiently. Another great tool was used in the webinar itself. The presenter asked that everyone write their favorite web 2.0/ BYOD app in the chat area. He then used the log to create a word document of resources that the participants could keep and use. The collaboration and interaction of the webinar was very engaging and useful.
Useful Apps from the webinar
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Additional Resources

Why BYOD - Video

This video is a short video over the need for BYOD in the 21st century classroom. It discusses the educational benefits of BYOD. I like the video because it is direct and gives a simplisitic explanation of BYOD and its uses.

BYOD Resource Website

This website has various resources about BYOD. It has helpful articles and links to other websites. It has resources that range from setting up the classroom to creating the policies for BYOD in your classroom. I found it useful in comparing various models of BYOD and methods of bring BYOD into the classroom.

The Epic BYOD Toolchest - A BYOD Blog

This blog contains links and tips for apps to use with BYOD. It has the apps broken down by category, i.e. presentation, creating, screencast, etc. I found it helpful because with the push towards BYOD knowing how to use it and what to use are very important elements of successful implementation.
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