By: Jude Watson

Pathos, Ethos, Logos

Pathos and Ethos:

This amazing book is one of the best fiction/action book I have ever read. Imagine, you are the son of the worlds most wanted criminal then all of a sudden your robing a hotel and your dad falls off the roof you run over and he hands you a rock and you run away then, taken to a foster home, then run away with a couple of friends you met there and a lady gives you a deal of 7 million $ for all 7 moon stones. And in all that commotion you meet your sister for the first time. Well it did happen to one kid named March. He is a boy who... well you cant really describe him because he is the son of Alfred McQuin and doesn't share his identity. Now he has to steal 7 Moon stones from 4 different high security places and he and a couple of friends not to mention his sister are going to try to find them all.By the way the moon stones can tell the future. My favorite part of the story so far is where the try to rob a museum and where robed back by Oscar the guy who pushed March's father off a hotel roof. So the question remains will he and the gang of Throwaways find the 6 other moon stones before Oscar?


The author Jude Watson always wheres one of two special hats. She wheres her Jude Watson hat when writing to middle school kids. The book is also one of the best New York Times book.