Earth's Water


The Water Cycle

- The Hydrosphere is almost all salt water, the remainder is freshwater in lakes and rivers.

- Water is constantly moving

- This is the Water Cycle

- Evaporation and precipitation are the main functions of the water cycle

- Evaporation-changing of liquid in to gas/vapor

- Condensation-water vapor into liquid

- Precipitation-clouds contain more water than it can hold, results in rain, snow, sleet

Bodies of Salt Water

- 70% of earths surface is water.

- 4 oceans- Pacific,Atlantic,Indian, and the Arctic

-Pacific is the largest of the 4

- Gulfs,seas, and bays are bodies of salt water; they are usually enclosed by land.

- Desalination: turning ocean water into freshwater by removing the salt.

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Bodies of Freshwater

- Only 3% of water on the earth is consumable for humans.

- More than 2% of it is frozen in glaciers

-Aquifer: "an underground rock layer often filled with water.."

-Groundwater is freshwater that is beneath the earths surface.

-Streams can combine and form a river