What provides most of your energy?



  • Are the body's chief surce of energy.
  • Can be storaged in muscles to be later used to produce energy.
  • Spare the use of proteins for energy.
  • Breakdown of fatty acids and preventing ketosis.
  • Participate in biological recognition processes.
  • Provide dietary fiber (some kinds).

Food Examples

Reasons why there are the most important nutrient

  • Provide most of the energy used by the animal kingdom. (Encyclopedia Britannica)
  • They are required for your organs to function. (Encyclopedia Britannica)
  • Are an immediate source of energy. (Encyclopedia Britannica)
  • The proper regulation of glucose (type of carbohydrate) metabolism is of paramount importance to survival. (Encyclopedia Britannica)
  • A number of medically important antibiotics, such as streptomycin, are carbohydrate derivatives. (Encyclopedia Britannica)
  • The essential process in the biosphere that has permitted the evolution of life as it now exists is the conversion by green plants of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into carbohydrates. (Encyclopedia Britannica)