soar sanford

may 6

upcoming EvenTs

May 10 Interims go home for K-2

May 11 SOL Parade at dismissal (see below for info)

May 12-June 3 SOL Testing Window opens

June 13 Field Day

June 14 SOL Celebration Dance (proposed)

June 15 Grade 5 Graduation

June 15 Kindergarten Promotion Ceremony

June 17 Last Student Day

Action Item

Firm up structures for SOL testing, What brain dump do your students know to do. What strategies do they use: 100s chart, etc.

Use every instructional moment to get the kids academically and emotionally ready to do their very best. Thanks for all you do

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Provide clarity on test taking strategies for your students--for example, do they create and use 100s chart

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Reference anchor charts in days prior to testing as this may help their memory during the test

SOL Parade

On Wednesday at dismissal, all third through fifth grade students will dismiss by walking from their hallway and exiting out the doors by first grade.

All K-2 classrooms should create a poster(s) or have something that encourages our test taking students.

Action Item

Please review the email from Nancy Sweat (sent today). This is a special PD program for teachers who are returning to Sanford next school year. Please review the email and register for the training that works for you.

Sanford teachers should register for three half days in either June or August. Use the link in the email to register in PDMS by June 1.