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Weekly Update ~ May 13, 2019

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Eagle Breakfast May 7, 2019

Representative Brad Schneider was the guest speaker at this years Eagle breakfast honoring students and their parents in grades 6-8. Students were selected by their teachers for demonstrating good character.

6th Grade

Elise Jahnke, Shreyas Moorthy, Dakota Olson and Madi Sears

7th Grade

Shrawani Datar, Loreli Fisher, Liz George, Cole Manogura, Jayden Robinson and Grace Schulenburg

8th Grade

Shelby Buelow, Gianna Cathlina, Allison Chung, Sean Heard, Nicholas Ingino, Eli Johnson and Anusha Srivastava

Battle of the Books

Oak Grove School had their 4th annual Book Battle on May 3. Mr. Costes, our official timer, and our judges were in for a busy day of intense battles!

Our 4th grade 1st place winners, the Bookworms (boys), bested Kaboom! (girls) wIth the all time high score of 48 points!

In 5th grade, T-Galm beat out the Domination Queens to win the championship.

The 6th grade competition was between the Croc's and the IDK's. Coming down to the wire, the Croc's won.

Our winning 7th grade team, Lit is Lit had to compete without one member of their team, but beat the Warriors 20 to 16.

We came to our final match of the 6th grade Crocs vs. the 7th grade Lit is Lit team (now with it's 5th team member). Lit is Lit came out of the battle champions of the Junior High.

From the Staff

Thank you to the PTO and Administration for the fabulous treats last week!

We, the staff, are fortunate to work in such a caring school district!

Oak Grove Honor Society

Hope for Homeless

The Oak Grove Honor Society organized a fundraiser to raise money and canned foods to donate to PADS, a local homeless shelter. It included grades 5th - 8th and lasted 3 weeks, from March 4th to March 22nd. The Honor Society would like to thank all the classes, students, and teachers for their generous donations. In total, $762.49 was raised along with 316 canned food items. The class who brought in the most canned foods was Mrs. Gibbar's 5th grade class, bringing in 74 canned goods! Mrs. Lucas’ class came in at a very close second with 73 items.

The class who brought in the most money was Mrs. Lucas’ 6th grade class! They brought in $366.53, raising almost half of the entire total! Coming in second was, again, Mrs. Gibbar's class, with $185.31.

The winners of both classes will be awarded with Dunkin’ Donuts. The Honor Society greatly appreciates both classes for their very generous donations and all others who donated to the cause.


Teacher Appreciation
Thank you to Melody Lyon for heading up the Teacher Appreciation week for the PTO. The teachers were welcomed to school on Monday with a "Card My Yard" sign at the school showing our love. They were treated to a delicious catered breakfast on Monday, coffee and donuts on Tuesday, Rocky Mountain caramel apples on Wednesday and mini "Nothing Bundt Cakes" on Thursday. Thank you to Lisa Perrone, Jen Sahagian, Krista Sorensen and Christine Merrild who helped with the breakfast. Also, thank you to Hansa Coffee for donating the coffee, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for the amazing apples and Susan Brooks at "Card My Yard Libertyville" for the sign.

PTO Reimbursements

If you have any outstanding receipts from PTO events that you need to be reimbursed for, please submit the receipt, along with the reimbursement form (found here), to Ashley Wilson (she has a PTO treasurer mailbox in both offices) by this Friday, May 17th.

PTO Committee Report
Just a reminder to all PTO Committee Chairs - please turn in your completed end of the year committee report by Friday, May 24th. Please use this form and send to pto@ogschool.org.

Calendar Pictures

We need your pictures! All OGS related events are welcome. When uploading, please comment on the picture with your child's grade and school event, if possible. We will be collecting them through the end of June, so save the link to add more later in the year. Thank you for sharing your 2018-2019 memories!


Pre-Pack School Supplies

Don’t spend your summer days driving from store to store to purchase school supplies. Get everything you need in one easy box! The PTO is offering pre-pack school supplies from "Teacher Tailored". All prices include shipping but not taxes. All non-consumable products are guaranteed for the 2019-2020 school year. If an item breaks, Teacher Tailored will replace it. This is a PTO fundraiser - any profits made will benefit Oak Grove School students. Follow this link and use account #22034. Deadline for ordering is 6/21/19. Please see the Virtual Backpack for additional details and pricing. Please contact Jennifer Liu, Jen_hen@comcast.net, with any questions.

Curriculum Corner

Hello Oak Grove Community,

The results of the 2019 Noetic Math Contest are in! At each grade level we have Team Winners and Honorable Mention Winners (Note: Team winners are ALSO Honorable Mention Winners). All team winners receive medals and honorable mention winners receive certificates of achievement. We had 140 4th-8th grade mathematicians participate. Congratulations to all of our winners!

8th Grade:

Team Winners - Matthew Berner, Sean Heard

Honorable Mention- Matthew Berner, Sean Heard, Jessica Brown, Eli Johnson, Erika Von Kirchbach

7th Grade:

Team Winner - Cameron Huang

Honorable Mention - Cameron Huang, Maria Laura Gonzalez-Kompalic, Kyle Li, Husnain Haroon, Abashai Jaladi

6th Grade:

Team Winner - Ahanaditya Dey

Honorable Mention - Ahanaditya Dey, Makayla Boone, Shreya Srirama Chandra Mukhopadhyay

5th Grade:

Team Winners - Jack Brdecka, Imose Osayimwen

Honorable Mention - Jack Brdecka, Nicholas Farmakis, Imose Osayimwen, Jackson Kern, Kerrthana Sridhar, Julie Davoux, Viktorija Tijunelis, Ayaan Ghori, Jessica Yuan, Kenzie Hughes, Olivia VanHerseele, Teja Patil

4th Grade:

Team Winners - Ainsley Ecton, Zoe DeMoon

Honorable Mention - Ainsley Ecton, Isaac Stone, Zoe DeMoon, Chase Fitzpatrick, Karim Alaoui, Hooriya Hanoon, Lindy Fang, Sri Mukhopadhyay, Caitlin Greer, Max Palti, Jeremy Johns, Colten Siebert, Joshua Johns, Hedi Sellami, Nathan Likosar Ryan Santhoshkumar, Mira Shah, Michaeline Baffico


Online registration for all new and returning students in 2019-20 will open up next Monday, May 20th. All families will be using NEW login credentials to get in. Instructions and login credentials will be emailed to all families by Friday of this week.

Virtual Backpack

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