ThinkPad E325 & Thinkpad X1 Carbon

By:Dora Tan 7k ICT

ThinkPad E420

It's a old laptop and it had 13.3inches screen, E420 is helpful for you to keep it in the office because it's pretty heavy to carry it every where. The system that this type of ThinkPad use is Windows 7.

ThinkPad X1 Carbon

ThinkPad X1 Carbon came out at 2015 and it's very thin, the screen is 14.0 inches big. It is thin so that the laptop is not heavy but light so it's good for people to carry it every where. Also it is touch screen and the system is Windows 10 or 8.1

Their Same spot

ThinkPad X1 Carbon is new,thin also advance and let the user feel easy to use and it is very expedient for travel or play games ect. ThinkPad E420 is old and heavy but the process is very fast and the memory capacity is very big so it is easy and useful for working.

How does ThinkPad X1 Carbon & ThinkPad E420 Related to Tradition?

They must be related to tradition because ThinkPad X1 Carbon and ThinkPad E420 these are two types of ThinkPad's products, one old one new.Still,them both have bad side and good side.Such as ThinkPad X1 Carbon:its light and useful the looking of it is better than most of the ThinkPad's products,but it's bad side is for now many people think Windows 10 is not as good as fast as Windows 8.1.ThinkPad E420:the memory capacity is very big so users can work,download,play games easily with out worry about the memory capacity is not enough to use, but E420 is too heavy to carry around and the battery is easily went out so users need to bring the charger everywhere the laptop goes. These are just like traditions, some of the traditions are bad but some are good.Some traditions is badto envirements but people still follow them just like the fireworks of China.Some of the traditions that is a very nice and showing the main culture but people already abolished them because its too old or they think its dumb(thats part of the reasons).So X1 Carbon & E420 must have relation between Traditions.