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*JACKETS - With the cooler weather upon us, we are already accumulating a nice collection of "lost" jackets. Please help us by placing your child's name in their jacket before they wear it to school. Also, remind them to check the lost and found for any missing jackets.

*CANNED FOOD DRIVE - We will be collecting canned foods to donate to Nourishment for the Needy. The dates will be November 1-7.

*CHANGE OF TRANSPORTATION/PICK UP EARLY - If you have a need to change your child's transportation, the best option is to send a note to the teacher the day of the change. If it is an emergency and you need to change during the day, the cut off for that change to be effective is 2:30 p.m. If you need to pick up your child early, you will need to be in the front office no later than 2:45 p.m.

*PTO MEETING - PTO will be held on Friday, November 9 at 9:30 a.m..

*PTO SPIRIT NIGHT - Will be held on Thursday, November 15 @ Sk8 Town.

*CLASS PICTURE DAY/FALL RETAKES - Class pictures will be on November 14. Also, if your child missed fall pictures, they will have an opportunity to take it on this day. If you received your child's pictures and are unhappy with them, your child needs to bring the entire package to school on November 14 and the company will retake the picture. We must have the package for a retake.

*THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY - Thanksgiving Holidays are scheduled for the week of November 19-23. We want to wish you have a happy Thanksgiving and hope you take time to remember all the things you are thankful for at this time of the year. Make memories with your children throughout the week.

*YEARBOOK ORDERS - Below is the link to order your 2018-19 yearbook. They are now $24 each until December 28, 2018. In January, they will go up to $26 each.


Oak Ridge Elementary is working with the Marzano group to obtain the Level 1 certification for a High Reliable School. Oak Ridge High School, Vogel Intermediate, and Irons Junior High are currently Level 1 certified. In order to obtain this certification, we need your assistance. This survey will give us information on where we are doing well and where we can use some improvement. Please take a few minutes and complete the survey at the link below. We are asking for your input based upon safety and security of our campus. If you have any specific questions about this certification, please feel free to contact Tami Eldridge.


MORNING NOTES - If you are choosing to park and drop off your children, it is important that you park in a parking spot and walk your child to the door. Avoid parking behind someone, thus blocking them in, or parking in the entrance/exit to the parking lot.

AFTERNOON NOTES - Remember that you must enter the car rider line from Oak Ridge School Road instead of our driveway.


PTO has several officer/board meeting at large positions open at this time. They are in need of parents to fill these positions. If you are interested in helping, please contact MaryBeth DeMott, PTO president @


The Flu season is here. Here is some information which may be helpful to you:

Influenza is also called the flu. It's an infection that causes fever, chills, cough, body aches, headaches, and sometimes earaches or sinus problems. The flu is caused by the influenza virus which spreads in little drops that spray out of an infected person's mouth and nose when he sneezes, coughs, laughs, or even talks. If someone else breathes in these drops or gets them on his hands and then touches his mouth or nose, the virus can get in his body and he can get the flu, too. The incubation period after exposure is 1 –5 days, according to the Texas Dept. of Health.

You can do the following things to help prevent the spread of the flu:

* Wash your hands frequently with soap and water

* Stay away from people who have the flu

* Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough, to help protect other people, and then wash your hands afterward

* Don't share cups and eating utensils, like forks and spoons, with anyone

* Parents, you can put hand sanitizer or wipes in your child’s lunch to help remind him to wash his hands before eating

* Get the flu shot. The following information was taken from the CDC website:

The flu shot uses an inactivated or “killed” vaccine. This vaccine can’t give you the flu. However, flu vaccine, like other vaccines, can occasionally cause a reaction. Feeling some response to the shot is not unusual. The vaccine acts to stimulate your immune system and prepare you to resist infection. You may feel your body's protective activity through mild symptoms. Also, some people may experience symptoms of mild sickness after getting a flu shot, but these symptoms are not necessarily connected to the shot.

If you get the flu, your doctor will usually make a diagnosis based on your symptoms, however the doctor may take a nose or throat swab to test for the flu. To get better, the best things you can do are:

* rest in bed or on the couch

* drink lots of liquids, like water or juice

* Take medicine like acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) for your fever, aches, and pains. DO NOT TAKE ASPIRIN because it can cause a rare but serious illness in children (usually under15) called Reye syndrome.

PARENTS: Children need to stay out of school until they are fever free for 24 hours.


Several of our students are collecting charges for breakfast and/or lunch meals because they have rolled off of the free/reduced lunch system. Applications can be completed online or a paper copy can be sent home. Charges are expected to be paid for by the parent as you receive notification of those. If you need assistance completing an application, please contact Virginia Vera, registrar.


6 & 7 - Third grade field trip (half one day and half the second day)

8 - PTO Meeting

9 - Third grade program @ 2 p.m. for parents

14 - Class pictures and fall retakes

15 - First grade field trip

15 - PTO Spirit Night @ SK8 Town off Rayford R.

19-23 - Thanksgiving Holiday

26 - School resumes


Attendance is very important for student learning. Our daily attendance goal is 98%. Currently, we are running, on average, about 95%. Please help us reach our goal by sending your child to school daily.

Official attendance time is 9:00 a.m. If your child arrives after 9, he/she will be counted absent for the day. Tardy time this school year is 8:01 a.m. If your child arrives after 8:01, the parent needs to walk the child into the front office and sign the child into school.

Thank you for help with these matters!