Sequoia National Park

By: Ian Lynam

Do you want to really connect with nature? Do you want to be amazed by nature? Then Sequoia National Park is the place for you! The natural wonders here will blow you out of the water! So, lets get started.

This park is full of wonders and one of the biggest and oldest is General Sherman. General Sherman is the tallest tree in the park. General Sherman is 275 feet tall and weighs 4,189,000 pounds. By volume, it's the largest known living single stem tree on earth! Imagine that Herculean task to climb this big tree. General Sherman is not only the biggest tree in the park but also the oldest. Scientists believe General Sherman is 2,300 to 2,700 years old! By the way, General Sherman is actually named after someone. That's right, General Sherman (the tree) is named after the Civil War General. This is just one of the natural wonders in this park.

Now lets talk about some park history. Sequoia National Park was founded by Benjamin Harrison on September 25, 1890. That makes Sequoia National Park 125 years old! Thanks to our 23rd president, Sequoia National Park became America's 2nd National Park. Sequoia National Park was the first national park formed to protect a living organism: the giant sequoia. That’s how it got its name: Sequoia National Park.

By now you are probably wondering, "What can I do there?" At Sequoia National Park you can go hiking and explore the wonder of Sequoia. You can also go horse back

riding. Horse back riding is a great way to see the parks. The granite cliffs and domes provide excellent opportunities for rock climbing, and whether you're an expert or a beginner this is an excellent way to spend your day. These are just a few of the amazing things that you can do at Sequoia National Park.

Sequoia National Park is home to stupendous things that you won't believe exist! This legendary park has wonders of nature, history, culture, and tons of opportunities that you won't find any where else. I bet you want to go there. I knew you would. See you there!

Why Sequoia National Park Has Tall Trees

There once was a bear who ruled a desert area. The bear hated this land. He especially hated the heat. So he summoned a group of gray squirrels to harvest only the best of seeds to plant. The gray squirrels asked “What’s in it for us?” The bear said “Food, shelter and a magnificent view!” The gray squirrels liked the sound of that and raced to look for seeds with great potential. When the gray squirrels returned, the bear ordered them to plant the seeds. But, as you know, it takes a long time for a seed to grow into a tree. So the bear had to wait, and he was not happy. The bear decided to cheat, so he went to old owl and asked “Great owl, I am looking for a potion to make trees grow.” The old owl said "I do have a potion of that sort but only use a drop.” The bear nodded and took the potion. On the way back he thought “A drop is too little. How about half or 3/4ths or the whole thing.” So, he splashed the seeds with the potion. Then the ground started to shake as giant trees began to burst out of the ground. Bear was terrified and ran to owl but when he got to owl's nest owl was furious! "You fool!" Owl exclaimed. "Now the trees will stay like that forever!" Bear trudged back to what was now a giant forest. When he got there the gray squirrels were angry too. "The trees are too big to climb, we can't get to the top or get any food." Bear had no excuse and was kicked out of the forest.