The Famer and the Giver

Michael Koch Hour 7

The Famer and the Giver

Once there was a famer who owned all the farm land in the city. He hired the poorest people in the city to work at his farm. He gave them less than average pay to keep more of the money he got from his produce. At the end of each month he went to charities and hired the poorest people he could find. At the end of the month he was going to hire more poor people, but there wasn't any more poor people. He saw they were being supplied with food and clothes by what they called the Giver.
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He was astonished when he saw this so he asked the Giver if he wanted a job to earn money to help the homeless. He thought that was a great idea and fallowed the farmer to his land. The Giver was given a bottle of weed killer and was told to go out and kill the weeds. After a week of little pay and harsh conditions the Giver told the other works, "I can't do this anymore I am going back to the city!". The other works told him that the city was 10 miles away and in the intense heat he wouldn't make it their. They then hatched a plan and put it to action.

After 3 months of working all the works and the Giver went to the farmers house and knocked on the door. The farmer answered the door.

"We want to buy your tractor," said the Giver as he handed the farmer all of the money the works made.

"Why should I give it to you?" the farmer said.

"This here is 50,000 dollars, why would you not." the workers said.

"It is not for sale, all of you back to work."

The workers left to go back to work. But the Giver kept negotiating with the farmer. Then the farmer's tractor comes from the field on to the long road from the farmer's house to the city. The Giver hands the farmer the money and runs to the tractor and jumps on.

"This goes to show you, being unfair will comeback to get you." The Giver said as the tractor makes it way to the city.

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