Tribal Septum Jewellery

Tribal septum jewellery is the in thing in the fashion world

Septum piercing is gaining grounds in the Western World as a unique fashion statement and every body who is young want to try out the new trend in piercing. Just like septum piercing, body piercing is also becoming very popular. In earlier days, these kinds of piercing were common among the tribal sect. In India, the South Asians wear nose rings where the piercing is done on the nostril. It could be on the left nostril or on the right nostril depending upon the state that they belong too. Even these days, this is a customary practice followed by many South Asians. Even in Australia, the tribal people also known as aborigines followed the tradition of nose piercing. These days septum piercing and body piercing are becoming a high fashion statement. Teenagers or adults who want to project themselves as cool and hep want to do body piercing or septum piercing. Many undergo septum piercing due to peer pressure too.

There are many different patterns of tribal septum jewellery available in the market. The best part is that these tribal septum jewellery is available in different materials ranging from gold, Silver, brass to even wooden items which are crafted to look extremely beautiful.

Some of the tribal septum jewellery available online or in the market can be listed as

  • Gold filled 14 karat Tragus Ring set
  • Detailed Brass Septum
  • Silver Septum
  • Tara brass flesh tunnel
  • 18 k circular Gold Body piercings
  • Brass curls Toe rings
  • Snake ear cuffs
  • Black wood plug set with sliver and Shiva eye
  • Indian black wood and crystal plug
  • Tribal silver ring
  • Indian Gold ear studs
  • Indian gold hoop earrings

The choice patterns of these rings are endless and you can get any design that your heart desires. Such is the huge array of collection that is available in the market and online too.

If you are not sure about septum piercing, then initially one can go for fake septum ring to check if you like the look. After you are sure and would like to go in for septum piercing, you can take further steps. When you have decided to go in for septum piercing, one should check out and single out a reputed centre. All precautionary measures should be adopted to avoid any kind of infection. The time of healing taken for septum piercing may range from a few weeks to three months when the piercing would have fully healed.

Indian septum jewellery is mostly available in gold and silver and they usually follow traditional patterns and designs. Most of the Indian women would have pierced their ears and nose for wearing jewellery as this is customarily followed in Hindu tradition. Simple designs are carved out in Indian septum jewellery while in case of tribal jewellery a lot of wooden items are available and the designs would be according to the imagination of the craftsman.