The Ghost Of Graylock

By: Dan Poblocki

Would you read it? I dare you...

Graylock was a hospital where there was love and care. Children and teenagers with mental disorders were brought there to have beneficial effects. Soon, that changed. Kids were found out in a lake whose deaths were very peculiar. People started growing suspicious of the nurse, Janet, who was on duty during these accidents. They thought that she drowned them during her graveyard shifts. Eventually, Nurse Janet was arrested and Graylock Hall was shut down, the building left to rot deep in the woods. Neil, the new kid, is a boy who wants to see this so called Graylock. So he sets out to explore. He may be ready for anything that happens there, but definitely not at his own house. Did he ever think about the possibility of something following him back home?

Dan Poblocki "Author/Weirdo"

"Dan Poblocki is an American author of horror and mystery novels for young people." He writes full-time. Poblocki was born Providence, Rhode Island on January 29, 1977. He is currently living in Brooklyn, New York. Poblocki loves to read and write, play video games, eat cupcakes, and tell ghost stories. He owns two cats named Pedro and Tavi. Dan, however, hates any form of cleaning, crowded subway trains, and people who honk their car horns excessively. Before becoming an author, he held a number of jobs in New York City including: a floral groomer, an audience-wrangler for a popular game show, a computer analyst, a chemotherapy-unit assistant, and a traveling bathing suit sales-dude. Yes, a bathing sales-dude.


The genre of this book is Horror Fiction because it has ghosts (horror) and magical powers (fiction).

Main Character

The main character of this book is Neil. His favorite show is the "Ghostly Investigators." Neil is a young expert on ghosts, spirits, and other spooky things. At least, that's what he considers. Anyway, he loves adventures to creepy old sites because you never know what you can find, possibly ghosts!


There are two conflicts in the book and Neil is successful in solving both. First, Neil starts to have creepy things happening to him and doesn't know who or what is causing it. He finds out that it's a young girl, named Rebecca, who died in Graylock, which leads to the second conflict. Rebecca didn't die of natural causes. She was murdered. Neil has to find out who murdered her. It ended up being someone he didn't expect. It was...


- "Although I usually stay away from scary and supernatural stuff, I gave this a read. This is a great book for the advanced but reluctant reader. There are many twists and turns in the plot, enough to keep you on the edge of your seat." -Goodreads (Peg)

- "Satisfyingly creepy." -Amazon (Caffeinated Booker)

- "I have only read the first chapters but you can't put this book down! It has such a suspense that scares you to keep going but yet you keep going cause you just want to know what happens next. Who wouldn't?" -Barnes and Noble


-264 pages

-Published August 1st 2012 by Scholastic Press

-Edition Language: English

-Age Range: 10 - 14 Years


- "His cheeks burned with embarrassment."

- "A bang sounded upstairs followed by a frightened scream."

- "A voice cried out. No words. A sigh of frustration. A sob of misery. Hopelessness."

Why do I recommend this book?

I loved how the author didn't just tell you the story, he described and expressed the creepiness. For example, it's not just an asylum in the woods. It's an abandoned, insane asylum on an island surrounded by a moat. Can't you just picture the perfect creepy area? Also, my favorite part is when the thunderous storm is so powerful that all the lights go out and all energy is lost. Suddenly, the TV flickers on and three images appear on the screen in a slide show. The first was of two deer antlers mounted on the wall, the second of a piano with sheet music and the third of the mouth of a fireplace pit,. In it, there was a pair of black andirons holding up three white logs with blood on it. What is this all pointing to? What really happened at Graylock Hall?