Teens Using Social Networks

by Quinn Corcoran


Websites like facebook, twitter, and youtube are all different social networks and you should use them right. Like follow rules of what and whatnot to do or post on the website. If the website is not user friendly or appropriate for your age then don’t use it. If it does not let you block people or makes you free to everyone then it is not user friendly and you should not use it. Some social networks have apps

don’t download or by without your parents or guardians permission.

Age Requirement

Some websites have age limit if you are under the age limit then don’t join the site it may be inappropriate or not safe for your age. And you may get kicked of the site and get in trouble. And if there is a dating site then, don’t interact until you are eighteen unless it is a teenage dating site witch is very rare and probably won’t happen.


Do not follow like or friend someone that you don’t know. They may be someone bad. Never even interact if you don’t know them and if you don’t know someone don’t read there post or look at there picks there may be something that is not you age appropriate. Always ask a parent before reading post or looking at picks of someone’s page that you don’t know.

Smart Choices

If you ever get in a bad situation on a social network like being hacked or someone being mean to you over it just delete your profile and don’t use that website. Or change the password or delete the account and make a new one. But before doing anything tell an adult. Or ask the adult if you can do this or that. Don’t join the social network either without their permission.


Thanks for reading this I hope some of these tips might come in handy and if you do get in a situation then think about this this will help keep you safe. Encourage others to follow these rules and tips it can keep them safe also. I hope this will help you if you meet an unknown on the Internet or get in a bad situation on a social network.