Maple Syrup Producing

Maple Syrup producing in Canada

How much percent of maple syrup is made in canada?

In Canada 80% of the worlds maple syrup is made in Canada,And 20% is made in Vermont United states. In Canada There is Different levels of maple syrup Such as The most known maple syrup is light,Then comes Medium Light and The most rarest form of maple syrup to find is dark.

Maple syrup Producing in canada.

In Canada 2011 There were Slightly more than 10,000 maple farms in Canada With over 44 Million maple trees.In 2012 95% of Canada's Maple syrup was made in Quebec.and approximately 4,000 maple trees per farm.Also in Canada we got 249,000,000$ in exports of maple syrup.And in 2012 All the maple syrup went to 63% u.s.a,10% to japan and 8% to Germany.

Information About Maple syrup in Canada.

Difference in Canadian Maple syrup from American syrup.

Canadian Maple syrup.

Canadian Has more of a natural flavor as many people say, And in Canada we grade our maple syrup when the American maple syrup is only one kind.

American Maple syrup.

In America people say that their maple syrup has a more sweet taste than Canadians Maple syrup, And the Americans only have one type of syrup which is medium light.