The Road To Perseverance

By: LJ Beam


Perseverance is never giving up in the face of adversities. Mike Murphy from op red-wing, Oscar Vazquez, christian, and Lorenzo from spare parts, and Cain from an old car repair shop. All embody adversities until they succeeded!

Mike Murphy And Oscar Vazquez (Compare and contrast)

On June 28th, 2005 Lt. Mike Murphy and a team of 3 other Navy Seals got called into duty on an operation called Operation Red Wing. As the commanding officer he was equipped with an M4 carbine with an nToob and a sat com for emergency calls to the j-bad forward operating base the seals were stationed out of. The objective of this mission was to capture and kill Ahmad Shaw. The seals were told there would just be a couple of fighting Taliban soldiers, but it turned out there were a few hundred! As the team sat up in a vantage point on the town trying to get coms with j-bad, some young goat herders came up the mountain and spotted the seals the team took the herders capture for a little but Mike Murphy ordered to let them go and for the team to move out. A couple hours later the seals were engaged in a battle and out numbered by an aggressive pushing Taliban militia which the seals fought of a tone of them but later forced them to jump of a cliff which forced the seals to break some bones after they had already been shot in there first engagement with the militia. The Taliban later catches up super fast and know the seals were fighting again. one by one the seals were picked off starting with Danny Dietz dying first at the age of 25 by being shot in the back of the head. He was awarded the Navy second highest medal the Navy Cross. After about to more hours of crazy fighting and many more battle wounds, LT. Mike Murphy had built up the courage to climb up a hill knowing he was gonna leave his life on that hill he comed in back up for the rest of his team including Marcus Luttrel And Mathew Axelson that lead to his death on that hill after being shot in the leg 1st the being shot in the back 5-6 times. This brave and amazing man earned the military's highest medal the Medal Of Honor.

Oscar Vazquez was an illegal Mexican immigrant and as he was illegal he faced many difficulties and had to deal with adversity. Hes dream was to join the Army but he was illegal so he was not allowed to join. So he joined an underwater robotics team that later joined an underwater robotics competition. That later won in a college league. Oscar later got his independence and then joined a Calvary unit. He was deployed to Afghanistan after one tour he diced to leave the military to be at home more.

So in a way I found both these brave men alike because of there military backgrounds and how they dealt with adversities!

In An 8 Year Old Boy (Description)

Cains triumph in life. Was when he started making cardboard box games, in his dads car shop he made so much he decided to make an arcade. He only had one guy come in and play his arcade in a year. This guy just kept coming so this guy decided to get more people to come. He made a fun raiser and hundreds of people started coming so in my opinion Cains triumph was getting so much people to come.

The Boy That Bought Tampons (Problem/Solution)

Lorenzo! This is the boy that came up with a really clever idea. This started with the leak of the ROV there robot started leaking. Lorenzo quickly thought of the idea of putting tampons in the box to stop the leak. So the team said the it was his idea even though it was a good idea no one wanted to buy them so they forced him too!

Christian (Sequence)

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Runner (Cause/Effect)

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