TCEA 2015 - What I Learned

A Week of Learning From the Best Tech Nerds in the State

Augmented Reality Sandbox

This sandbox created out of sand, a Kinect, a projector and a free downloadable software made topography come to life. Students can see, feel and create all geological formations. Information about the project is available at

Watch the video below to see the sandbox in action.

IMG 2833

New Great Apps

Below is a list of new apps that could be used in the classroom.

Color Splash - 1.99 - this app allows you to turn your picture into a black and white photo and then keep your chosen details in color.

Chatterpix Kids - Free - this app allows you to turn any picture into a talking picture. Great for student showing their understanding in a fun way.

Vidra - Free - Make slides and record your voice to each one. Choose cool background music and set the theme for your story. Your slides content is going to be animated automatically.

TEKS - Free - Quickly find and search standards by subject, grade level. and key word.

Baiboard - Free - This is a cloud based collaboration app that enables users to create and collaborate on educational content, through the use of collaborative whiteboard.

Clyp - Free - Clyp is a simple way to record, discover, and share the sounds in your life. Another great way to check for understanding.

Great Websites

Symmetry Activity - have your students create a pattern that has symmetry - - Create your own Jeopardy Template online or browse Jeopardy Templates created by others.

Inspiring Students with Inquiry-Driven Workshop - This is a collection of resources, examples, and activities based on Understanding by Design. The workshop was delivered by three high school teachers who teach at a Project Based Learning HS in Philadelphia.