ORE Monday Notes

January 4-8


  • We look forward to seeing everyone back this week! While it has been an absolutely wonderful break - one that was much needed - I do look forward to returning to school Monday morning and working with each of you for the remainder of this school year. I am most excited about seeing the 750+ super excited and eager students who will enter the building Tuesday morning and seeing how much they love walking to your wonderful classrooms! Thank you for what you do and for providing the classroom environments that our students love to be in!!!
  • Please check the ORE Master Calendar through your Outlook or on our ORE SharePoint for all of the important dates for this week.
  • Please make sure your grade level has shared the 2nd quarter writing assessment prompt with Mrs. Stoltz and that your grade level has a common plan for giving the assessment and analyzing the assessment results. Please have your writing assessment scores entered into the Data Spreadsheet by Jan. 22nd (you can enter them sooner if you would like).
  • Thank you for continuing to copy Mr. Smith, Mrs. Stoltz, and me on your weekly newsletter to your parents. Each of you do an amazing job communicating with your parents!
  • The staff meeting on Tuesday will be led by Mr. Smith and will focus on our monthly recognitions and very important spring safety drills and updates.
  • Our 4th and 5th grade students will preform on Jan. 14th - all are invited!
  • Please enter your own absences - for teacher workdays as well - on AESOP and remember to submit your leave forms to Mrs. McKinney if you plan to not work or when you return to work for an unplanned absence. We have removed the sign-in sheets for teacher workdays so it is important for you to record your absences in AESOP and with your leave request forms so that Mrs. McKinney can accurately complete her payroll documentation and so that people are paid correctly :)

Welcome to Oak Ridge

Please join me in welcoming Megan Mount to Oak Ridge! Megan will be joining us as an EC Resource Teacher, replacing Carol Kubic. Megan is currently working at Claxton Elementary and will officially start working at Oak Ridge in the next few weeks once her principal has found a replacement. In the meantime, we will have a substitute working in that position. I look forward to introducing everyone to Megan when she is able to join us.