Rhode Island

Greatest Colony in the New World!

History of Rhode Island

Rhode Island was one of the colonies in the New England area. It was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams, a religious exile from the Puritan colony of Massachusetts. The first colonists that arrived in this colony were from England. This colony was settled by Roger Williams because his views of the Puritan religion, including seperation of church and state, caused him to be exiled. The location of the colony was in the north, so the climate was much more colder Also, the geography consisted of poor, rocky soil. This influenced the economy to be less reliant on agriculture and more on manufacturing and trading. Well known industries in Rhode Island for trade were of livestock, timber, shipbuilding, fish, and rum. Majority of people in Rhode Island were Puritans, but they were more tolerant of diffferent religious beliefs than in Massachusetts. The colonial government in 1663 was governed locally at first by Benedit Arnold under the Rhode Island Royal Charter. However, later on the New England province governor Sir Edmund Andros over looked the colony.

Significant Events in Rhode Island

King Philip's War

An important event that not only effected Rhode Island, but the New England area was King Philip's War. It was a violent war that occured between English colonists and Native Americans from 1675-1676. Although it only lasted for a year, there was a major impact with a huge loss of life for colonists and Native Americans. In fact, it was such a heavy loss that areas of Southern New England became English settlements. It gave more land to the area of New England.