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A question a lot of people have is “what is anime”. If you asked that you are reading the answer. In this article you will be learning about the origin of anime ,how anime got in America,and where anime came from.

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Where Anime came from?

Anime is an awesome group of shows and movies . It is not common in the U.S … it is actually Japanese a lot of Americans don't try it !!!!!!!!!There are books called manga. .Hack, Dragon Ball Z,Bleach,YU-GI-OH,Naruto Shippuden,and Hatsune Miku Project Diva F naming a few. Japan has many islands that they use in films. Like in YU-GI-OH GX Duelist Island.

How Anime got in America?

During world war 2 the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Then raided a lot of Europe, after that the Americans raided Iwo Jima.Apparently the Japanese and Americans were the only part of it. then the Japanese raided America (but failed.) anime on dvd was more popular. Dragon Drive, Naruto,Death Note,Platabor,and Sword Art Online (Or as in the anime people call it SAO) just to name a few.

The Origin of Anime.

No one knows how the first anime was made or who made it. Spy Goddess, SAO2, Love.Com, Black Butler, Kill la Kill, Psycho Pass. By the time this Anime was made manga was more popular.The time it was made was in the 1300s. Pokemon, Totoro, Ponyo, House from on Poppy Hill, Howl's Moving Castle,GT, Astro boy, The White Lion, Prince Monoki.

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All and all, you see throughout this article a few things Anime came from Japan,

that Anime got in America during World War 2, the origin of Anime.

now will you ask the question what is Anime?

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