Experiencing Art at HCA

Fifth and Sixth Grade


Welcome to the art room! I have created this newsletter for you to experience what is taking place inside our classroom. You will be able to find all the information you need about grading, schedule, and contact info here.

Classroom Conditions

There are a few behavioral practices to keep in mind when participating in any art activity. In order for masterpieces to be created students should sit in assigned seating arrangements, listen to the person addressing class, be responsible with art materials, have good manners and appropriate language, use indoor voices, and follow directions.

Grading Policies

I DO NOT base my assessments on the students ability to draw or paint. I want each of my student's to enjoy their time in the art room regardless of how talented they are.

I have switched 5th and 6th grade to a number grade rather than a letter grade. I feel this will keep them more accountable for their art work, and better prepare them for Middle School.

Projects will be 70% of their grade. They will receive a 100 if they turn their project in completed on the due date. . They will receive a 0 if the project is late unless they have been absent.

Sketchbooks will be 30% of their grade. They will be turned in several times during the nine weeks. They will have various assignments as well as their own creative drawings to do in their sketchbooks. Sometimes I will have particular assignments for them to complete for a project. A completion grade will be given for the sketchbook. I will not except late sketchbooks since I only have your students once a week.

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A Look Into Our Art Room

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