5 Apps for Mobile Learning

Great Educational Apps for K-12 Learning

Reading Rainbow

The 80s television show has now created an app for Apple products and Kindle. Reading Rainbow is an interactive reading app that develops childrens' reading skills.

It is available for both Kindle and Apple products. Click here for more information.

Reading Rainbow App Trailer

Mobl 21

Mobl 21 is an excellent studying tool, that allows students to access the resources provided by teachers from their mobile devices. Teachers can customize notes, flashcards and other resources for students. As well as tracking every students progress.

It is available for Android, Apple Products, Blackberry and Desktops.


School Zone Apps

School Zone Apps provide a variety of apps for a variety of ages and subjects.

They provide excellent tools and activities to help students with spelling, math, & reading.

To learn more about School Zone Apps click here.

I have included two of the School Zone Apps below.

Spelling 1-2

A helpful tool to help grade one & two students practice their spelling.

Available for Android and Apple Products for $4.99.

Ages 6-8.

Math 1-2

Teaches students about time, money & fractions.

Available for Android and Apple products for $4.99.

Ages 6-8.

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems or LMS are an online resource where teachers can create an online classroom setting to connect and communicate with students and parents.

Some systems are more advanced and offer more applications.

Below are three LMS mobile apps.


Edmodo is an excellent LMS where educators can connect with parents and students. It is a safe and easy resource where teachers can share class content, homework, grades and other information.

Click here for Edmodo tutorial videos.

It is available for free on Android, iPhone and iPad.

Goodle Classroom

Google Classroom is an easy and effective resource, especially if you already have a gmail account or work in Google Drive. You can customize your classroom and post announcements, assignments and other learning resources.

It is available for free on Android and Apple Products.

What is Google classroom?


Moodle an advanced resource where teachers can post assignments and students can then submit the finished assignment for marking. Teachers can create discussion forums and post grades.

It is available for free on Android and Apple Products.

What is Moodle?