Jackson, The No Good, Very Bad, Guy

The guy who kicked Cherokee's to the west for his own good.

The Trail of Tears

The Cherokee's lived in Georgia peacefully on their own. Jackson came along and told them that they had to leave Georgia, The Indian Removal Act. They also didn't have much time before the army came and forced them out of Georgia.
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Killing The National Bank

To Jackson, the National Bank was just a way for rich people to get richer. The National Bank actually could have helped people with farms or businesses. If Jackson didn't Kill the National Bank and think it was bad, things like this would have improved. Destroying the National Bank probably wasn't the best idea.
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Nullification Crisis

South Carolina threatened to leave because Jackson put the tariff of 1832 on imported goods and they were dependent on them. When they threatened to leave, Jackson passed the Force Bill saying that they had to say or they would force the army on them. They then gave in and excepted the compromise of 1833.
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The National Bank

This Political Cartoon is about Andrew Jackson killing off the national bank. Jackson killed off the national bank, because it 'helped the rich people get richer.' Jackson is beheading the snakes that represent the people who ran the bank.