A Tour Through the Bible

Guiding you through the Bible

An Intro to the Bible

We will start off with a little background of the Bible. Explaining why it is seen as part of the second part of the Trinity. In this class we will only be talking about the Old Testament

The Old Testament

  • The Pentateuch - The first five books of the Bible
  • The Historical Books - The books that tell what happened from 1250-100 BC
  • The Wisdom and Poetry Books - The books of song and dance
  • The Prophets - The books that tell what was prophesied and taught
The Old Testament was developed over many, many years. It started getting written down by around 1000 BC. Over centuries, the Bible will be translated, edited, read, and studied.

Some of the Great Teachers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bible?

It is the story between God and HIs people.

How is the Old Testament different from the New Testament?

Well for starters, Jesus is only in the New Testament. The Old Testament helps to shed some light on the New Testament as it is the 1st part.

How should I read the Bible?

The Bible isn't like any other book, you can't just pick it up and start reading it. You must start off with a prayer to connect with good, then after every chapter you should reflect about what you have learned.