End of 2015

3 companies marketed by themselves the best why?

1)Nike is a shoe,clothes,sports wear, etc, company and they advertise themselves by showing famous people and sports players wear their clothes, shoes and ,etc. They also have commercials of basket ball, football,tennis,and soccer players wearing their band. People see that their favorite players are wearing the brand so they want to wear it too.

2)Geico insurance company that has 10 million policy holders and 28 billion assets. One way Geico advertises their company is by commercials. They have many commercials and people love watching them because of their little mascot which is a geico. In the commercial he says what the insurance offers and give clips showing what can happen if you don't have insurance.

3)Apple is a technology company that markets their products very well they have commercials of what their products can do and the advantages they have. They also come out with different products every year and they always have a change to it it could be color,shape, and size. Apple makes people want to buy their product because of how they advertise it that is why a lot of people have apple products.

what are the 2 best and worst products that came out in 2015?

Apples iphone 6s in rosegold was one of the best products they came out with in 2015. apple changed the color and the features and made everybody want to buy it. the features included better camera quality, color, faster and effects.

The second best product was an apple watch, the apple watch is a touch screen watch that can receive and respond to notifications, track daily activity, control music by voice, and the most important thing is that it tells the time.

One of the worst products was Oreos watermelon flavor cookies. this product was the worst thing you can do to a cookie. Fruit and cookie were not the best thing to mix don't be fooled by the way it looks. The second worst product was Utensilmate, this product measures hot sauce. this product was 14.99$ and was unnecessary.



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In your opinion what were the 2 best movies of 2015 and how were they marketed ?

One of the best movies of 2015 was The Hunger Games part 2. This serious is so well know and has many well know actors and actresses like Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and Elizabeth banks. They advertise this movie with commercials,posters,social media , and what made the movie happen are the books.

The second best movie was star wars the force awakens this movie was a big part of 2015 everybody was so excited to see this movie and see old characters come up. This movie had pre sales and sold out on the first day it came out. this movie advertised by commercials, clothes, social media, dolls and toys, and posters.

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2 top musical artist of 2015 and what did they do to market their music

One of the top musical artist of 2015 was Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber has recently came out with a new album called purpose and has been on the top charts for the past weeks. they way Justin advertised his music was by social media. Justin has all types of social media to promote his music and for his single "what do you mean?" was one of the most advertised song he did he count downed the days till the single came out, everyday he would post a famous person with a sign that said "what do you mean?" with how many days that was left. He got a lot of publicity because of this he would use famous actors, singers, and people with many followers to promote his music and it worked.

The second top musical artist in 2015 is Adele. Adele has had her single "hello" on number one for Weeks and the way she advertised her music was social media also she would post on instagram about her latest album.

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2015 top 5 beauty products

45 Elle beauty editors from around the globe pick the top 10 best beauty products of 2015

1)Body builder dry shampoo

2)Ace of base channel foundation

3)lash dance mascara from Lancôme

4)big love loreal Paris shampoo

5)bumble and bumble oil rush conditioner


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2016 goals

Personal improvement:Drink more water and sleep more

Family and friends: Try not to scream to my friends when they annoy me

School and outside world:To get better grades and study more

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