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Daily Bulletin for Friday, March 5, 2021


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Wildcard Tickets- 95% or higher on any given day.

6A- 0

6B- 1

6C- 2

6D- 2


7B- 0

7C- 0


8A- 1

8B- 1



6th and 7th DL-1

Title VI program canceled today.

Read Across America Spirit Week. THIS WEEK!

Mixed Up Monday:

(Wear Backwards/Mismatched Clothes)

Tuesday: Pajama Day

Wacky Wednesday:

(Mismatched Socks)

Theodore Thursday:

(Dress Up as a Book Character)

Friday: You’re Only Old Once

(Dress Up as an Old Person) no wheelchairs/walkers

The classes at each grade level with the highest scores will get the spirit flag!

Trimester ends TODAY!

Teachers-grades are due for report cards by March 9th @ 8am.

Saturday / Thursday School Schedule TODAY

March 6- Saturday Mrs. Loiler-Room 103

March 25- Thursday Mrs. Smith-Room 108

April 17- Saturday Mrs. West-Room 203

April 22- Thursday Mrs. Smith-Room 108

May 1 Saturday Mrs. Loiler-Room 103

May 6 Thursday Mrs. West-Room 203

May 15 Saturday Mrs. Smith-Room 108

Dates to Remember:

3/5 End of Second Trimester

4/2 Good Friday-No School

4/5-9 Spring Break-No School

5/31 Memorial Day Holiday-No School

6/11 Last Day of School

Club Zoom Meetings

All Club communications take place in the stream of the club google classroom. Please note the following changes to club times and days:

**Newspaper and Yearbook will meet only on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

**Art and Drama will meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month (please note the day of the week has changed).

**GATE will continue to meet every Thursday.

All times are moving to 2:15pm for all clubs beginning the week of February 8th.

All necessary cancellations will be posted in the stream communication of the google classroom of the club effected.


Just a heads up, March 15-19 all afterschool activities (ex. ELP, tutoring, clubs, etc.) are closed for the week. Students will be leaving at their normal time, but there will not be any students staying on campus after 1:00 PM. Please let students know that we will be closing for Parent/Teacher Conferences

2nd Step-

Recognizing Bullying & Harassment - Lesson 11: How to be an Upstander.

Staff Absence

Ms. Young

Mrs. Sheridan

Mrs. Del Rio

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Click here to SPEAK UP!! - Safety Tip Form

To report an emergency, please call 911 immediately. The purpose of this tip form is to report situations so that they may be taken care of in a positive and respectful manner. This link is also on our website. www.diamondviewschool.org

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