Por y Para

Nacho y Macarena

Por Usages

  • motion or general location
  • transportation (traveling through some place)
  • approximate time or duration
  • paying for something
  • manners or means (by)
  • exchange for
  • unit of measure
  • passive voice
  • frequency
  • on behalf of
  • idiomatic expression
  • apology/emotion
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Para Usages

  • destination
  • deadline or specific time
  • purpose
  • recipient
  • opinion
  • point of view
  • para + inf. = in order ti (verb)
  • transportation (traveling to some place)
  • future
  • goal/expectation
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Examples of Por

Caminamos por el estadio
Why?- To go through somewhere

Pague tres dólares por la camisa
Why?- Paying for something

Nos vamos a quedar por cinco semanas
Why?- Duration

Examples of Para

Es un vaso para agua

Why?- Purpose

La tarea es para mañana

Why?- Future/ Point in time

El regalo es para él

Why?- Recipient