Independent Study Update

January 2016

Math Tutor Schedule Change

Our math tutor will be available to help students on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:30-1:30 this semester. Students who are behind in Apex, having a hard time with course content or just need support should take advantage of this service. The tutor is very good. Apex classes must be completed by the end of May for students to earn credit.

Students who are enrolled in Community College courses

Most students have begun their spring semester classes. Students, please carefully read through the course syllabus and take note of due dates for homework, major assignments and tests.

Remember, community college grades are permanent on college transcripts. The last day to withdraw from a spring semester course without a W (withdrawal) is February 7th. You must talk to me if you intend to drop a class and you must do it prior to this date, or your college transcript will have a W.

Students who elected to rent their textbooks from Canada College must return the books prior to May 27th in order to avoid being charged the full price of the book.

Please be mindful that I am not in communication with college professors regarding student progress in community college classes. Responsibility for attending class, completing assignments and adhering to course requirements and deadlines is completely on the student. It is imperative that students communicate with their college professors if they are having a hard time in a class. I can help with this, but, I cannot be involved without student permission, and I cannot be involved at all if students do not let me know they need help!

The San Mateo Community College District and the Sequoia Unified School District do not have the same spring break. Students must attend their college classes during SUHSD's break. Students who are taking community college courses can talk to me about taking a break from ISP during the community college spring break.

The college professors want their students to succeed and will make themselves available to help students who reach out to them for support. :) There is a tremendous amount of support for students at Canada College. Students just have to seek it.

Please Return Textbooks

If you have textbooks at home that you are not using, please returm them to me. I borrow them, and need to return them to school sites.

Upcoming Holidays

February 12th Lincoln's Birthday No School

February 15th Presidents' Holiday No School

Seniors and Their Parents

Please complete the FAFSA if you have not yet done so Here is the link:

Remember, help is available through either Canada or your home school if needed.

Scholarship Informational Meeting for Students:

Maria Huning, from the Canada College TRIO program will present information to our ISP students regarding scholarship opportunities. She knows her stuff. Please come if you can. Sign up in the classroom.

Friday, February 5th at 11:30 in our classroom.

Senior Research Report

Seniors have begun working on their Senior Research Report. Successful completion of this assignment will require spending time gathering and reading research. As a reminder, the Canada College library is a public library. Everyone with a library card has access to their research information.

Canada College Library

Apex Courses


If you are behind in Apex you need to spend more time working on the courses. There is no guarantee that you will have access to Apex courses over the summer, so you need to finish this semester. Students who spend time in our classroom working on Apex tend to experience more success completing courses. I am just saying....

Juniors SAT and ACT Information

Juniors who are thinking about attending a 4 year college after high school should prepare for and take either (or both) the ACT or the SAT. Students and parents should be reading the emails sent from your home school guidance department about upcoming test dates and practice opportunities. Here are a couple of informational links. I have sent these out in previous newsletters as well.