My Life's Story

Anne Hutchinson

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Roger William's Review

The book was fairly good. I think that you could have touched a little bit more on how you went against the religious doctrine.

John Winthrop's Review

I really enjoyed your book. I think it was good that you stood up for your religious beliefs and did not give into what society wanted you to be. After all you are yourself.

Thomas Hooker's Review

I was very moved by your book and I was intrigued with every word. You have a really strong understanding on your religion and how you want to be treated. I think more women should be like you in standing up for themselves.

William Bradford's Review

Your book was pretty good I think. You really showed how you felt with being saved by Grace and not by the deeds that are done. You also go into deep detail with your compassion for religion.

My Review

The main idea of the book is how Anne Hutchinson felt about her religious beliefs and what actions she took to exploit them. I think that the intended audience is for people of that time period that believed in the same thing she did and also to future generations that may be interested in what she did. This book offers a good life lesson on how to pursue what you believe and never give up on what you want even if it defies societies beliefs. I think that this book was meant to be persuasive to the people who believe the same thing she believes in. The intent wasn't to convert anyone but to make everyone who felt the way she did take up action on their beliefs.