Weekly Message

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


(Eberhart) Protocol: Review/Restate/Relate (SIP)

(Farmer, Dearmond) support with Writing Assessments for Unit 5 (Doing the Work) Student Error Analysis Protocol

(Watson) PD provided as you do the assessment writing for Unit 5. Unit 5 due 10/21

Rigorous Learning Environment

Creating a learning environment,

where students are:

*Expected to learn at high levels. (I can learn at high levels!)

*Supported so learning is at high levels. (I will be supported by my teachers so I can learn at high levels!)

*Demonstrating the learning at high levels. (I can demonstrate, for my peers and teacher, my high levels of learning!)

Two Week R.I.S.E. with P.R.I.D.E. Focus: Rigorous Learning

Use the next two weeks to build student understanding of Rigor and how teachers will be increasing our expectations of learning for all student, providing the necessary support for all students, and expecting students to be able to demonstrate their learning at high levels.

Create visuals for your room and hallway, where we can continue to build student understanding of Rigor and our school wide expectations for increased levels of learning.