In the community everyone will be the same and equal.

You don't have to worry about anyone being better than you or have more money than you do.


In my economic system no one is poor and no one is that rich so basically everyone is equal. The government is in charge of system and the people have a say in it too. People get paid only if they want money to staff like shoes and ect. The government will take care of everything that they people need.


Liberal Economics - Lesson 4 The Benefits of Communism


People become communists because they are evil materialists just dying to steal money. No people don't become communist to steal they become communist to help people become better.

Some people you have no right but in my civilization you have all the right.


"Many people say that communism is bad thing but what they don't know is it help people and it also take care of them."


Don't be someone else property because you are not communism. Communism for better For all.