Stop CyberBullying


What is CyberBullying?

The use of Electronic Devices through saying to bully a person.

Examples of CyberBullying

Text messaging, email, rumors sent, social networking sites, embarrassing pictures or profiles.

Three differences between CyberBullying & Bullying

Cyber Bully is through electronic devices and bullying is just using your own body.

Bullying your using threats by weapons or other things.

Effects of CyberBullying

Bullying is linked to many outcomes on mental health, substance use, and suicide. The concern is the most important. Those who are bullied, those who bully and those who witness bullying.

Prevention & Awareness

Explore safe ways to use technology.

Be aware what your kids do online.

Understand school rules.

Establish rules of technology use.

Parents and kids can work together.

Establishing Rules

What there permitted to do online.

Encourage your kids.

Help them be smart what they post.

Tell your kids keep their password safe and don't share it with anyone.

Think about how people that are not friends with you can't use it.

Reporting a CyberBully

Don't respond to and don't forward cyberbully messages

Block the person who is Cyber Bullying

Keep Evidence and track of it..

Report to your Online Service Provider

Tell your kids that a responsible parent must see what your doing.

Ask for their kids password for safety.

Report to your Local Law Enforcement

It contains information about youth prevention and reentry programs.

Report to your School

Access school prevention.

Where it happens.