Second Grade Information Night!

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About me!!

I have been with the Chesterbrook family for almost 13 years now! I have taught Pre-k, Kindergarten and 3 years of first grade. I live in Abington with my husband, our seven year old son Shawn (who is in Miss Monteiro's class) and three year old daughter Isabel. We love spending time outside and are obsessed with the EAGLES...sadly are out this year.
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First to Second?

  • Academic Independence
  • Focused on different learning styles/abilities/interests
  • Content is extended to allow for independent growth
  • Project Based Learning
  • Socially students may start creating new friendships based on interests.
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Day in the Life

7:00-8:25- Morning Care

8:25-9:00- Morning Meeting/PRIDE TIME/Daily Edit

9:00-11:00- Language Arts (Phonics, Guided Reading, Skill of the Week)



1:05-1:15-Teacher Read Aloud

1:15-2:00-Writing Workshop

2:00-3:00-Social Studies/Science

3:00-3:15- Individual leveled reading

3:15-3:30-Homework Log/Pack up

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Differentiated Grouping in Reading and Math

Students are assessed during the first two weeks.

Students are then placed into leveled reading groups.

Groups are flexible and change throughout the year.

Having flexible small grouping allows focus on different areas such as phonics, comprehension and fluency.

In Math students are also grouped based upon ability. This allows different leveling based upon ability.

There is an opportunity to accelerate grade level.

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Word Study

Word Study is an individualized approach to spelling

Students’ words are taken from the curriculum, their own writing, and phonics skills we are covering.

The students will have more experience with the words, giving them “ownership” over the word.

Students will be asked to write each word in a sentence to show that they understand what the word means. (Punctuation and capitalization are not taken into effect until the third quarter.)

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Writing Workshop!

Students start writing workshop during the second week of school. Students learn how to come up with ideas independently. Students will also build stamina by writing for longer periods of time. You will see that students will be given a lot of freedom when writing to keep the class excited! Students will write plays, personal narratives, will create a published nonfiction piece and so much more....
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Project Based Learning


Publishing Party!!

Space Exploration

Habitats – Plants/Animals


Publishing Party

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Students will become real authors!!! They will research a nonfiction topic of their choice and then go through writing workshop to create a book! The book includes a table of contents, different summaries about each subtopic, captions, pictures a glossary and then a comment page! The kids absolutely loved this!!
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STEM is done throughout the year with small and big projects. Our large STEM project is creating submersibles. This unit introduces students to the field of ocean engineering. Students learn about sounding poles and sonar as they map a section of ocean floor. Then they apply their knowledge of density, floating, and sinking to design their own submersible, equip it with research instruments, and retrieve packages from a model ocean floor.
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Experiential Learning

Cherry Crest

Delaware Children's Musuem

Franklin Institute

Amish Experience

Great Valley Nature Center-Habitats

Longwood Gardens-Measurement

SPCA-Giving Without Walls

The Black Lagoon Theatre

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Giving without walls

Animal Welfare

Students will learn the importance of taking care of animals.

We will create blankets and collect items to donate to the SPCA.


Students will continue to use different forms of technology daily.

Students will use the iPads® independently as well as in small groups.

Each classroom is equipped with Apple TV and a projection system. Students will interact with different apps and activities through the iPads® and websites.

2:1 ratio

We are in the process of becoming an Apple distinguished school!!

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Book Reports

Students will be asked to read at home and complete a book report every other month. Genres and projects will be sent home with a rubric of my expectations. Students will present on the day that the projects are due. Students not only get the opportunity to work on public speaking but show ownership with their projects.

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  • Kindness Corner
  • Dude be nice.
  • The Great Kindness Challenge
  • Kind Club

Fun Fact of the Day!

There will be a fun fact posted each day!

Students will be encouraged to read the fact and discuss their thoughts about it during morning meeting.

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Parent Involvement

Class Parties-You will have the opportunity to help organize and set up our classroom parties.

Class Projects- We will ask for volunteers on days when students are presenting big projects in the classroom or the gym.

You will be able to sign up for events via sign up genius.

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Seesaw is a current app that we will continue using for viewing students work. Teachers and students will be able to take pictures, create audio captions, and communicate with you about the work they are creating during the school day.
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