at Grandfather Mountain


Fairy Houses Come join us at the Woods Walk to immerse ourselves in the beauty of the nature surrounding us. We will read a story about Fairy Houses and use bits of nature to build fairy houses to leave at the Woods Walk.


Animal Olympics Test your abilities against the abilities of animals. Can you run as fast as a mountain lion? Can you see as well as a hawk? Try out these and other challenges in a friendly competition with the best in the animal world!


Live Animal Talk Come meet a few of our live animals usually found off display. See owls, a skunk, opossum and snakes up close!


Clouds and Weather Meet at the Butterfly Garden to discuss our favorite kinds of weather. After making our own clouds and cloud viewers we will observe different types of clouds and discuss how understanding cloud types can give us a clue to what our weather may be in the future.


Face Painting Come join us at the Fudge Shop to get your face painted!

Nature Arts & Crafts

Old-timey Kids Music Show with Mark and Trevor at the Butterfly Garden Traditional and old-time music enthusiasts, Mark Freed and Trevor McKenzie, will play fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, kazoo, and maybe even a musical saw, though probably not all at the same time! Mark and Trevor are part of the music program at the Jones House Cultural and Community Center in Boone that features weekly lessons and an old-time jam session on Thursdays. They will be playing and singing family-friendly traditional songs and tunes from the southern mountains.


Woods Walk Nature Hike! This short loop hike at the “Woods Walk” will be guided by one of Grandfather Mountain’s staff naturalists. We will be looking at unique plants, pointing out where animals may make their homes and even look for salamanders! This is a very easy trail and everyone is invited to join the fun.

1-3Storytelling featuring Glenn Bolick Glenn is locally renowned storyteller, potter, singer, musician, and songwriter. He will be telling stories and presenting old-timey toys in the Nature Museum Auditorium. Come sit and listen to these Appalachian tales that have been passed down for generations.


Squirrels: The Original Hoarders Join our Interpretive Rangers as they provide some insight on the very common, yet often overlooked, squirrel. Why do they live where they do? What do they eat? Why do they hoard their food? All these questions will be answered and more!”


Quick Frozen Critters This fun game is an active version of freeze tag and is designed to teach children about predator/ prey relationships..