all about bill clinton

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all about bill Clinton family

bill Clinton was born august 19th 1946 has not died yet bill has one daughter and he has a wife his daughters name is Chelsea and she has one daughter and she has a husband he daughters name is Charlotte and bill wife name is Hillary Clinton she worked in there house and she was elected the u.s. senate in 2001 she was the only american first lady.

the amazing clinton

Bill Clinton was the mayor of Arkansas he was president for 8 years from 1993 to 2001. He created 6 million new jobs. He cut on 15 million low on their income taxes.

Accomplishments and Failers as president

He was president for the longest period of peacetime. A failed time for bill was when the national health care system failed.

Bills life after being a president

He moved to chappaqua and he moved to the new York base of the united states of america and when he was the in new York he lived on the base and that base was called the american jr base.


bills full name is William Jefferson Clinton he is the 42nd president he is a grandfather and he is the father of one daughter he was born August 19th 1946.
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all about the author

my name is serenity i live in junction city Kansas i was born when i grow up i want to be a veterinarian {that helps animal}
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the young couple

the picture above is pic of bill and hillary clinton when they were young