Chuck Yeager

By:Kennedi Rogers


Chuck Yeagar was born in 1923 on Febuary 13. Little Chuck was born in the little town of Myra, West Virginia.And graduated high school in Hamlin, West Virginia. On February 26, 1945, Yeager married Glennis Dickhouse, and the couple had four children. Glennis Yeager died in 1990. In September of 1941 Chuck insisted on being a private in the U.S Army Forces.


After the war, Yeager became a test pilot of many types of aircraft, including experimental rocket-powered aircraft. As the first human to break the sound barrier, on October 14, 1947, he flew the experimental Bell X-1 at Mach 1 at an altitude of 45,000 ft (13,700 m). Although Scott Crossfield was the first to fly faster than Mach 2 in 1953, Yeager shortly thereafter set a new record of Mach 2.44.

Birth/Death Dates

Born February 13, 1923. And he is still alive.


Chuck used the X 1 experimental plane.
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