Volcano spa!

By: Valerie Sandoval

Shiel volcano

Come visit the shield volcano resort and spa now! It has a great deal on the spa get a hot eruption massage plus the multiple layer cream and you get 50% off! Come get this great deal now! Also you can get a great deal on the restaurant layer zone! I hear if you go on Sunday there's a buffet! and it has all kinds of food like hot magma pudding is so cool!

Cinder cone volcano hotel

Come visit the cinder cone volcano hotel now. They have a great deal 65% off! They have this great sauna all made up of ash, so cool and toasty. Next to the hotel their is a great store in case you run out of food the store is called ashefood it has all kind of food there is one really good food made up of ash is soooo good its very sweet too.

Composite resort

Come visit this awesome resort! Its full of fun stuff to do, like amazing hot lava slides and great ash jacuzzi. It is the biggest resort in the world! It has great discount right now. Come with your family and have a great vacation. You can even see the movie composition is about this volcano which grew HUGE and then let out a bunch of good things. Come visit now!